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FEBRUARY 2017 THE SHOP 77 settings that allow them to get the job done more efficiently. Modern technology allows any com- pany to potentially achieve this, but the real secret is putting this technology in features that are intuitive, not complicated and of benefit to the user. The W5132 impact tool is a perfect example of using modern technology to meet a user need. A tip for professional installers and mechanics to protect and preserve their Hand & Power Tools is … … to always read the manual when pur- chasing a power tool. Many technicians believe they know everything they need to do to maintain their tools, but as tech- nology advances there are always new things that can be learned by reading the manuals. There are also friendly reminders that might often be forgotten, such as putting oil in your pneumatic tools or greasing your mechanisms on impact wrenches. Bat- tery technology on cordless tools is rapidly advancing as well, so keeping up to date on the best charging methods is always a good reminder to maintain your tools. GearWrench Sparks, Maryland Bill Bliss Manager, Marketing Communications Our hottest product for the Hand Tools market is … … our line of GearWrench 120XP Uni- versal Spline XL Ratcheting Wrenches. Its best features include … … these extra-long ratcheting wrenches feature 120 positions for every full rotation and a swing arc of 3 degrees. This allows users to turn hard-to-reach fasteners in confined areas. Available in metric and SAE sizes, end users can choose from three styles, including XL Combination Wrenches, XL Flex-Head Combination Wrenches and XL Flex-Head GearBox Wrenches. The 120XP Universal Spline XL Ratch- eting Wrenches have double-stacked pawls to produce the 120 positions and the 3-degree swing arc. The beam on these wrenches is up to 25-percent longer than our standard ratcheting wrenches for more reach. The open end is narrower and both ends have reduced outside dimensions for improved access. Quality Hand Tools are an important invest- ment for professional installers & mechanics because … … they fit fasteners better, allowing techs to work more efficiently. They have advanced features that allow better access, so techs can get jobs done faster. They are also stronger than low-quality tools, meeting or exceeding ASME performance require- ments, so they will last longer. Quality hand tools allow techs to work more efficiently. (Photo courtesy GearWrench) SHOP TOOLS & EQUIPMENT KNIPEX Quality – Made in Germany KNIPEX – Tools Designed With Your Hand in Mind ©2016 KNIPEX Opening and closing Click Clamps does not require special skill; it requires a special tool. KNIPEX has again designed a specialized pliers to perform this specifi c function—quickly and effectively. And these pliers will not harm the clamps they're compressing, allowing them to be reused over and over again. See a video of this tool: OPENING AND CLOSING COULDN'T BE EASIER (OR FASTER) OPENING AND Rotating Jaw Tips Part No. 85 51 250 C

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