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2 0 1 7 M A R C H P R I N T W E A R || 41 seeing more products that offer this stain and soil story. Stretch in both men's and women's styling continues to become more prevalent. The stretch phenomenon has extended far into the men's assort- ments in woven sports shirts, in what was almost exclusively a woman's styl- ing feature. This stretch story is all about comfort; comfort in movement and everyday wearability. The finer yarns being used in the cotton/polyes- ter constructions meld nicely with the Spandex yarns. These blends tend to hover around 2–5 percent Spandex of the total fabric content. Performance and comfort are the major stories that technology has brought to our market through finer yarns and lightweight fabrics. Coinciding with this, the "athlei- sure" movement continues to grow. The category is defined as athletic as it is polyester-driven styling that is comfortable to wear and casual re- garding lifestyle. Athleisure-inspired silhouettes in both men's and women's placket styles are comfortable to wear and feature pieced models, color blocking, striped sleeves, bars on shoulders and sleeves, and other sports-themed details. The colors are typi- cally bold, with vivid jewel tones and bright standards of navy, greens, and reds. TEXTURE AND PATTERN The texture and pattern movement has been growing hand over fist in the pro- motional and decorated apparel channels. In the knitwear categories, we are seeing rib textures, ottomans, nailhead jacquards, horizontal ribbing, jacquard diamonds, fine liner stripes, interlocks and oxford piqués, just to call out a few. Again, going along with this, the "out- door lifestyle" phenomenon has continued to gain steam in all facets of our market, and is being incorporated in unique ways. The "outdoor" look is built around sturdy fabrics such as canvas, twills, rip stop, and well-constructed garments. Adding to this is the performance story of technologically advanced fabrics, in finer yarns in lighter weights that truly deliver warmth and wind-resistance, along with the qualities named above. All in all, the new styles we see in today's placket shirts will continue to be seen across all categories of the decorated and promo- tional apparel markets as a whole. Opposite: Growing technology such as mois- ture management and UPF qualities make polos a desirable purchase across various categories. Left: Athlesiure is a continual driving force in innovation, combining style and comfort across various silhouettes.

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