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48 || P R I N T W E A R M A R C H 2 0 1 7 Supplying decorated ponchos to clients in wet locations allows end users to sight- see hands-free, making them a potential top seller in rainy climates or where waterfalls are top attractions. LOCATION, LOCATION, LOCATION The type of resort to which you are market- ing your decorated apparel makes a differ- ence in the styles your clients will request. Price points at an expensive, all-inclusive stay that only admits guests 16 years or older are much different from those at a family-friendly resort with characters en- tertaining kids and activities for all ages. Decorators should look for garment sup- pliers who have deep, varied product of- ferings with a range of price points to be able to cater to both high-end and family- friendly vacation spots. Upscale resorts and spas often look for added value in the apparel they purchase, such as brand names that end users recog- nize and features that make the garment more functional. Perez says small details such as several zippered or lined pockets to keep items secure, drawcords to keep jack- ets snug at the waist, and details such as Velcro cuffs and hoods that zip off make a big difference when marketing outerwear to skiers and snowboarders. These special features have their place at family-oriented resorts, but sources say supplying a variety of sizes from youth to adults is the biggest selling point. Multiple color selections for the garments and em- bellishments helps. Whether you are selling to kid-friendly hotels or a getaway for honeymooners, Kevin Strel, Squish, says that vacationers rarely look for the least expensive item they can find and instead pay more atten- tion to garment quality, functionality, and potential longevity. You should not just choose the cheapest blanks available from your suppliers, as the value of the garment styles you provide is obvious to your end users. In resort gift shops, guests can see and touch the garments and typically have extra money set aside for buying souvenirs, making the higher price less important. DECORATION SPECULATION It is too easy for decorated resort garments to all look identical in the store. One way to stand out from your competitors is to take extra care with your designs. End us- ers more quickly notice the combination of good artwork and decorations on a well- made garment in any category. Functional fea- tures like zippered pockets or mois- ture-wicking prop- erties add appeal to garments found at upscale resorts. (Image courtesy alphabroder)

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