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2 0 1 7 M A R C H P R I N T W E A R || 63 QUALITY IMPROVEMENTS Direct exposure of the screen, without light-scattering interference from ex- posure unit glass or film positives, has a few benefits in and of itself. However, many customers have also found they can hold finer halftone dots and see less undercutting caused by longer expo- sures. CTS units have specially-formulated inks to ensure the best opacity and quick drying of screens. Because you have a better exposure and more opaque ink, you can expose your screen prop- erly without worrying about negative side effects. This means that you will end up with a more durable screen that isn't weakened during cleaning or when performing a color change. INCREASED PRODUCTIVITY AND DECREASED COSTS CTS units can significantly increase productivity and drive down costs by making every step of the process faster and easier than before. This means that alongside the cost savings, you will have a continued labor cost savings. In general, the more people who "touch" a process, the longer it takes to complete and the chances for mistakes increase. Each touch can be a point of failure. With CTS, you are limit- ing touches to three (art room, printer, washout). What's more, you no longer need to worry about registering positives, mak- ing sure they're properly placed on car- rier sheets, or ensuring the screen is set right on the positives themselves. As long as your screen is properly placed, CTS units will consistently print at the right location on the screen. Because you are printing directly onto the screen, you will have some advantages. First, you won't have to utilize a vacuum and glass system to ensure your positive is flush Computer-to-Screen for Any Budget • Excellent Density • Eliminates Film • Accurate Registration • Streamlines Efficiency • Improves Quality EXILE Technologies now offers two options in CTS technology. The Spyder II system is our flagship printer providing high speed and high quality, while the all new FreeStyler Hybrid delivers quality with a price tag that you just can't afford to say no to. The FreeStyler also doubles as a DTG printer! Just put in color ink cartridges and you have converted the system to directly print on fabric. MEET YOUR NEW SCREEN ROOM CTS & DTG with one PRINTER!! COME VISIT US AT THE NBM SHOW BOOTH # 529 Arlington, Texas March 16-18 2017

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