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2 0 1 7 M A R C H P R I N T W E A R || 65 with the screen. Without glass, your exposure times will decrease, and you will end up with fewer pinholes in your screen. Many equipment manufacturers are creating space and energy-saving LED exposure units that are about the size of a dip tank. Since the images are always placed properly on your screen, setup times will be minimized. Using your press registra- tion system, your screens will all be very close to aligned. With a good workflow, press operators can expect to have multicolor jobs set up in two to four minutes per screen. When you think of the doors that CTS will open as far as pro- ductivity is concerned, the limit is your imagination. With significantly faster setup times, lower quantity orders can be profitable. Many screen print- ers with CTS units forego registration marks, and some have almost done away with screen tape. All of these minor time and money savers add up to make CTS a worthwhile investment with surprisingly fast ROI. CTS systems fulfill the trifecta that all shops are looking for: improved quality, maxi- mized efficiency, and decreased cost. Over the last few years, CTS equipment has become faster, less expensive, and more reliable. This combination makes now the perfect time to check out the technology. For space-savings, many manufactruers now offer units the size of a dip tank. (Image courtesy Exile Technologies) With CTS, registra- tion is a breeze as registration marks and lining up sets of screens are no longer necessary. (Image courtesy M&R Companies)

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