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12 • RV PRO • March 2017 rv-pro.com R V M A N U F A C T U R E R S Unlike many U.S. Class B's, both Aktiv models place the dining area immediately behind the driver's seat. Both front seats swivel around to face a dinette and two additional seats. The rear platform of the Aktiv contains a queen-size bed (king size in the Aktiv 2.0) that folds up, opening the aisle way, which allows for storage of large items such as bikes, skis and even kayaks. They also include dual-pane windows and a skylight ventilation system that is standard in European models. The Aktiv models have no black holding tank. Instead, the models are equipped with a removable 6-gallon cassette toilet that can be rolled like a suitcase to the nearest toilet to be emptied. "People (dealers) were worried about that at the outset. Now they think it's a great thing," Hammill says. "The Aktiv has not been copied by anyone in North America," Hammill says, "so people are crowding our booths to see it." MSRPs on the Aktiv are $91,000 and for the Aktiv 2.0 it is $98,500, with basic models starting at $80,000. Hammill's prediction of 3,500 builds this year for EHGNA would dwarf the rest of the industry in most years, if not for the presence of industry leader Winnebago, with Thor lurking in the No. 3 spot. But Hammill, who remembers not too long ago when Roadtrek dominated the North American market, says market expansion share is secondary. "My world is not market share. I'm in business to make money. I never worried about market share or panicked," he says. That being said, EHGNA has never fallen below No. 2 in the North American market and, in fact, was No. 1 in Stat Surveys sales for November. "I'm worried about growing our brands, making sure our dealers have enough product to sell, that we're not encroaching on our dealers' territories and that Class B's are well-known. When the whole segment grows, we grow. I don't think Winnebago or Thor are quaking in their boots by little Roadtrek." Maybe, maybe not. Flush with all these new models and brands, the company's dealer body has grown considerably the past year. EHG has signed on 77 additional dealers to carry Hymer brand products and the 124 Camping World dealers to exclu- sively carry the new entry-level Sunlight brand. "None of these products are clones; they are all designed sep- arately," Hammill says. Built on a Dodge ProMaster chassis, the Sunlight features a mid-coach, twin bed floorplan and a rear bath. MSRPs start at $69,900. The company was turning out 10 Sunlights a day to meet demand, Hammill says. Roadtrek dealers also will have an opportunity to carry another model, the entry-level Carado, which is debuting later this year. All this growth is possible through the affiliation with Erwin Hymer Group (EHG) in Germany, the world's largest producer of motorhomes. EHG's factories in Europe will build some 35,000 to 38,000 motorhomes in 2017, "bigger than any two or three of Roadtrek, now owned by Erwin Hymer Group North America, is hoping to grow its market share with popular models such as the Etrek, built on a Sprinter chassis.

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