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30 • RV PRO • March 2017 rv-pro.com brands, RUVs comprised about 7 percent of the Class C market through November (latest figures available). He was also able to identify the Top 5 states for RUV sales (see Figure 2 at left) and to determine that those states represented nearly 40 percent of total RUV sales. From a pure product standpoint, because it's unique, TMC has no competition for its RUVs, all of which are all built at TMC's plant in Elkhart, Ind., according to Krider. Krider says TMC "is happy the market has accepted the RUV concept" as sales penetration mimics traditional moto- rhome sales across the U.S. He ventured no forecast for retail sales in the current selling season, but says that TMC is opti- mistic about the prospects for the market for this segment for at least the next three to five years as the Millennial buyer becomes more mature and gains more discretionary income. It's still a little early to talk about 2018 year models, as the plan hasn't been set yet, according to Krider. "I know there will be some improvements in look and feel, some new floorplan offerings to provide a little bit more in each product mix," he says. "By Open House, there will be something new. I can't guarantee a new model, but whatever is new will be exciting." Figure 2 Top 5 Selling States for RUVs in 2016* 1. Florida 2. California 3. Texas 4. North Carolina 5. Michigan *Retail sales in these five states represented 39 percent of total sales. Source: Statistical Surveys R V M A N U F A C T U R E R S

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