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60 • RV PRO • March 2017 rv-pro.com Winegard's new Wi-Fi extender lets RVers get away from it all without losing contact with it all. The Burlington, Iowa-based company's ConnecT RV WiFi extender allows users to keep mobile devices, media players, and computers connected to the Internet where, otherwise, they wouldn't have access. It is designed to provide a consistent and reliable connection, as well as offering expanded coverage, wher- ever users decide to take their RVs. "The most asked question at consumer shows is: 'Do you have anything for Internet?'" says Keith Larson, director of sales and marketing for Winegard. Some 89 percent of RVers use a connected device when RVing, according to Winegard's "RV Consumer Internet Usage Survey." So, it was natural progres- sion for Winegard to develop a product that would satisfy this industry need, Larson says. The ConnecT opened up a whole new product category for Winegard. Still, the transition into Wi-Fi antennas brought up the challenge of understanding a whole new market, Larson says. By capturing available signals through the long-range Wi-Fi extender, ConnecT re-broadcasts the signal through the RV for a secure, high-speed connection. ConnecT's six internal MIMO (multi-in multi-out) antennas give users the ability to have more throughput of data. "In campgrounds, when there's a lot of obstructions and signals bouncing around each other, having three antennas to pick up those signals is a lot better. It balances out the workload and gives you a better opportunity of picking up a signal," Larson explains. Key features for this product include: simple software that provides online access in minutes – only necessary to connect once; three detachable 5dBi outdoor antennas for increased range; a single Ethernet cable installation; and a dome design tested to meet demands of mobile environment. Notably, while other Wi-Fi offerings mix-and-match compo- nents, Winegard designs and manufactures the routers, radios, antennas, and software all in-house. Given that nothing is off the shelf, the ConnecT makes for a more integrated system. The ConnecT is backed by a limited warranty of two years for parts and one year for labor. It is U.S.A.-made. Not content to rest on its laurels, Winegard is already working on a new version of its WiFi extender. It will feature an added 4G LTE connection, using the company's own data plans that users can purchase on a 30-day basis, and two additional high-per- formance antennas that connect into that cellular network. The Winegard ConnecT Wi-Fi extender with 4G LTE will ship to distributors in March. What impressed RV PRO: The ConnecT's design – espe- cially its six internal MIMO (multi-in multi-out) antennas – give users the ability to have more throughput of data, and its simple software that provides online access in minutes. Given that RVers want to stay connected with their lives even in the most remote locations, having a product that allows them to do that is a big win. www.winegard.com 60 • RV PRO • March 2017 rv-pro.com Distributor Best of Show Wi-Fi Extender for Mobile Environments

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