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62 • RV PRO • March 2017 rv-pro.com Anyone who has walked on top of an RV roof – especially when it is wet and slick – has likely wished for an extra measure of security to avoid tumbling off. That's exactly the idea behind the new Xtrm Ply Treadway Traction Pads from LaSalle Bristol. Of course, Elkhart, Ind.-based LaSalle Bristol is a major supplier of PVC roofing materials for use by RV manufacturers. So, it only makes sense the company would want to offer RVers with a product that would make walking on their roof safer. The idea for the Treadway Traction came to Michael Satz after one of his friends, who is in his 70s, told him about his plans to climb atop his RV every two weeks or so to wash it. Satz decided then and there he needed to come up with a solution to keep his friend safe. Thus was borne Treadway Traction Pads, which feature a deep-embossed pattern providing additional traction and which are designed to allow for easy water runoff and cleaning. The peel-and-stick pads are made from heavy-duty, durable, flex- ible PVC. The Treadway Traction Pads are versatile in that they adhere to all kinds of surfaces, including PVC and TPO roofing, wood, metal and fiberglass, according to Satz, the general manager of RMA Technologies, whose company is a PVC materials sup- plier to LaSalle Bristol. And, the Treadway Traction Pads also are versatile in that they can be used for more than just roofs, as they also have applications for cargo ramps and bays and RV steps. The pads come in two colors: gray, which are intended for RV roofs; and black, which are intended for RV steps. The gray-colored Treadway Traction Pads are sold in five packs; the black pads come in three packs. The dimensions of the pads, regardless of color, are 8 inches wide by 18 inches long. The Treadway Traction Pads are proudly made in the U.S.A. What impressed RV PRO: The deep-embossed pattern on the Treadway Traction Pads offer an extra safety against falls and slips in an easy-to-apply manner. The fact that the Traction Pads work on a multitude of surfaces and that they are made of the heavy-duty, durable, long-lasting PVC makes them especially valuable. www.lasallebristol.com 62 • RV PRO • March 2017 rv-pro.com Distributor Best of Show Traction Pads for Roofs, Ramps & Stairs ® Michael Satz, general manager of RMA Technologies, highlights the benefits of the LaSalle Bristol Xtrm Ply Treadway Traction Pads, designed to provide extra traction for RV roofs, stairs and more.

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