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64 • RV PRO • March 2017 rv-pro.com Blue Ox may just have hit on a gold mine of an idea when it set out to fill a niche in its towing products. Looking for the ideal fifth wheel hitch, the Pender, Neb.-based company's engineers came up with a product that not only handles fifth wheels, but it also is easy to get in and out of a truck bed and requires no grease that would be necessary on most slider hitches. Instead of sliding, the Super Ride hitch sits on top of two towers that pivot back and forth rather than sliding, providing 11 inches of articulating travel. The hitch head engages the kingpin at a full 360 degrees. Blue Ox produces two models – the BSR6200, which attaches to any 2-5/16-inch gooseneck ball, and the BSR7200, which attaches to industry standard rails. "One of the best features of Super Ride is that it has four Timbren springs inside of the towers," says Chad Wall, mar- keting manager with Blue Ox. "That cushions the hitch head, so you won't get as much bucking and stress on the truck and trailer. It really cushions the ride." Outside of the RV industry, Blue Ox products are a hit in the agricultural market, where tossing around a heavy hitch or an owner getting up to his elbows in grease probably aren't big deals. RVers likely would appreciate the opportunity to avoid either of those situations, and the Super Ride is the perfect solution. The pivoting arms not only require no grease, but they rotate on a cam profile, so they remain level as they pivot and provide a smoother transition from a towing position to a maneuvering position, according to Engineering Manager Paul Choquette. In addition, the hitch comes apart in three pieces, making it so one person can get it in and out of a truck bed. Blue Ox President and CEO Ellen Kietzmann says company representatives did their research with customers regarding what kinds of features they were looking for in a fifth wheel hitch before they began designing the product. The result was the Super Ride, which at this point doesn't really have any direct competitors. It's not a full sliding hitch and it is not an entry-level hitch. 64 • RV PRO • March 2017 rv-pro.com Distributor Best of Show Fifth Wheel Hitch – No Grease "It completes our product offering, making us the only pro- vider in the industry that offers everything for your towing needs," Kietzmann says. "If you want to tow, you know where to go. We offer everything from fifth wheels now to goosenecks, weight-distributing hitches, tow bars and braking systems for the motorized customer, along with chassis performance for those that want to enhance the performance of the product line." The product was in development for about a year before showing up at fall industry shows, but only recently became available for retailers. "With the neat features we were able to put in there, we felt like it would be a great match to fill in our line," Wall says. What impressed RV PRO: The ease of getting the Super Ride in and out of the tow vehicle and the lack of the need for grease can't be overstated. Simplification is a vital part of attracting the next generation of RVers. Also, the use of suspen- sion springs to smooth out the all-too-familiar bucking associ- ated with towing a fifth wheel make the hitch a viable option for anyone looking for more control of the trailer. www.blueox.com

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