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For years, dealers have spent countless hours, wages and energy to see the glint of clean RVs lining their sales lots. Bitimec's Wash-Bots deliver that shine in a fraction of the time, simplifying labor to a single operator while applying the elbow grease of four employees. 'Net Profit from Day One' Each Wash-Bot model is designed to clean an RV in less than 10 minutes, and is ideal for fast-paced lots needing to prep new sales or wash customer vehicles. "We've doubled the vehicles the same crew can wash on one shift, so we wash more service customer RVs and ran a net profit from day one," Lardners Trailer Sales Owner Kelly Lardner says. "If you have any volume of units, this machine will save you money, time and employee turnover." Wash-Bots are available in both electric fixed-bay versions and portable models. Optimize Productivity A single operator can use the system's push-button controls and lightweight operating mechanism to both remove dirt, and shine more than 30 RVs per day, saving manpower, money, water and soap. "The Bitimec EZ Wash unit has increased our productivity, and has enabled us to provide a more consistent experience for our customers," National Indoor RV Center Detail Manager Michael Griggs says. "We wouldn't go back to using a brush and a stick to clean that much real estate." Battery-Powered, Portable Wash-Bots leave other washing systems in the dust when it comes to portability. Powered by four, six-volt batteries, the 626-EZ is free to travel to where it's needed. The 626-EZ holds 112 gallons of wash-and-water mixture, dispensed alongside the oscillating brush, making each wash as simple as a walk around the unit. The 626-EZ cleaning brush rotates at 100 RPM, extending the full height of a motorhome or trailer. A central drive wheel, along with four swivel-wheels allows for smooth, feather-touch steering with total control of the machine. 'Paid for Itself 10 Times Over' Bitimec pioneered Wash-Bots more than 20 years ago, developing what has become a world-class product sold in 30 countries across five continents in various heavy- duty applications. "In 10 years we've spent almost nothing on parts and the unit has paid for itself 10 times over," says Dominik Eggenschwiner, president of Middletown, N.J.-based Adventures on Wheels. The machines come with a two-year warranty on parts and a five-year warranty on the brush driveline. Both fixed and mobile models come with foam or hybrid brushes, and a factory rep to set up and train operators. For more information about Bitimec's wash-bots, call 203-637-1900. To see videos of Wash-Bots in action or to read more, visit www.wash-bots.com. DEALERS REPORT BITIMEC WASHERS SAVE TIME, MONEY Paid Advertorial WASH-BOTS LEAVE MANUAL RV WASHING IN THE DUST Bitimec Wash-Bots give one employee the power to clean any RV in minutes.

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