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rv-pro.com March 2017 • RV PRO • 83 DURABLE SEWER HOSES Valterra Products, Mission Hills, Calif., offers improved Viper Hoses. Valterra has added super-durable, protective outer beading to its UV-protected, 25 mil TPE hoses. Drag it or step on it. Viper can take it. All Vipers have Valterra's original rotating fittings so the hose will always lay flat. The 15-foot and 20-foot kits come with a clear 90-degree universal sewer adapter that makes six different types of sewer connections with a gas-tight fit. It stays flexible down to -20 degrees F. www.valterra.com NANOTECHNOLOGY TANK CLEANING SYSTEM 3X Chemistry, St. Louis, presents nuGen, an all-in-one treatment developed for black and gray water holding tanks that features advanced odor control technology. Nanotechnology works at the molecular level to bind with the walls of the tank, creating a nano-shield that holds waste in suspension for easy discharge. nuGen also lubricates valves and floats, while cleaning sen- sors. Packaged in 20-ounce bottle, one 2-ounce dose treats a 40-gallon tank. nuGen is formaldehyde-free and readily biodegradable. www.3xchemistry.com TOILET BOWL LINERS Happy Bowl, Santa Barbara, Calif., presents its Happy Bowl Toilet Bowl Liners. These eco- friendly toilet liners eliminate messy brushes and reduce water usage. The product is designed to allow cus- tomers to enjoy a retailer's services and their RV lifestyle. Happy Bowl offers a free POP display with purchase of 12 products. www.happybowl.com TANKLESS WATER HEATER Girard Products, Goshen, Ind., presents the GSWH-2 Tankless Water Heater, which provides campers with an unlim- ited supply of hot water. Along with all the hot water, the GSWH-2 is com- pact, lightweight (up to 110 pounds less weight) and uses less than 50 percent LP gas than conventional tank water heaters. It will fit in any current water heater cut out opening and the three conversion door kits allow for easy replacement of any tank water heater. www.greenrvproducts.com

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