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KEEPING YOUR HEAD IN THE GAME THE LATEST HELMETS FOR TWO AND FOUR-WHEEL DESERT RACERS By Candace Wittrock and Dan Sanchez You can’t race without a helmet, so it makes sense to have one that shows off your attitude behind the wheel, as well as one that provides the best protection. As of 2017 most all racing sanctioning bodies require helmets that are rated to the current SNELL 2015 rating, which provides the maximum amount of protection available. Helmet manufactures are constantly improving and updating their designs to provide more safety against front and side impacts, as well as being compatible with Head And Neck Support devices. Yet, the desert racer requires additional features which helmet manufacturers are adding to their products for this specific type of racing. Items such as larger cooling vents, more locations for air-duct placement, additional room for in-car and emergency radio communication capabilities, and lighter weight materials to reduce fatigue during long races with constant head movement. We asked top racing helmet manufacturers to provide us with their latest SNELL 2015 rated off-road racing designs for both four an two-wheel vehicles. Impact USA Impact USA 1320 Series Manufactured from “Intelligent Gray Matter” (a variable-density, single-piece inner liner) and upholstered in soft-knit Nomex, the 1320 line from Impact offers many of the features and benefits that have made the helmets a “must have” safety item. The SNELL SA2015 Certified 1320 features a custom handcrafted fiberglass shell and Impact’s exclusive wide eye-port with a 1/8-inch polycarbonate shield and three-position detent. The 1320 helmet is available with a top air-port for maximum cooling, a side air-port that provides continuous fresh air to the chin and mouth, or can be ordered without a factory installed fresh air-port. Offered in silver or Cat black in S-M-L-XL, Impact’s 1320 comes with a Kevlar chin strap with dual D-ring closure, and is available with variable cheek pad thicknesses that can be interchanged to customize a racers exact needs. The 1320 Series - Side Air Option retails from $379 - $399, and the Top Air retails from $399 to $419. For more information, visit Impact Vapor SC20 Impact’s Vapor SC20 shines in close quarter racing to other vehicles where pelting rocks and debris can come into the cockpit. The narrowed, wrap around eye port of the Vapor line provides better protection from debris, while an expanded, vented chin bar leaves more room for a microphone and reduces fogging. Impact’s unique placement of the fresh air channels also eliminates the potential for the system from “opening” the mic and interfering with the communications. The tapered lower design of the SC20 offers increased clearance between the helmet and the frontal head restraint device, thus minimizing interference between these two safety systems. Additional off-road and dirt track specific options work to eliminate dust and contaminates from entering the interior of the helmet while also offering added thermal protection. The helmet features “Intelligent Gray Matter” inner liner, soft-knit Nomex upholstery, interchangeable and variable-density cheek pads, a Kevlar chin strap with dual D-ring closure, and a 1/8-inch polycarbonate shield. Colors include white, silver, black, and cat black, all available in sizes ranging from small to extra-large. The Vapor SC20 Composite version retails from $849 to $869, and the Carbon Fiber version retails for $1,599. For more information, visit Bell Bell RS7 Carbon Bell’s new RS7 Carbon helmet is Snell 2015/FIA8859-2015 rated and built for high speed open cockpit forms of racing. The RS7 Carbon uses an innovative shell and shield design to improve acoustic comfort, aerodynamic performance, and energy absorbing capabilities. The aerodynamic design features an advanced ventilation system incorporating 14 intake and extraction channels with air intake covers. The RS7 Carbon is available in three versions: RS7 Carbon, RS7 Carbon with Front Chin Bar Gurney and RS7 Carbon with Ear Cups. The RS7 Carbon can also be adapted for use in closed car forms of racing by purchasing top forced air kits specifically designed for the helmet. The RS7 Carbon is available in sizes 57 minus (57- ) to 61 plus (61+) and retails for $1,299.95. For more information, visit Bell GP.3 Carbon The GP.3 Carbon from Bell combines traditional F1 styling, versatile air intake system and an ultra-lightweight Carbon shell with leading-edge aerodynamic performance. The GP.3 Carbon is a great option for open wheel racers that demand professional features, performance and comfort. The GP.3 Carbon’s improved shield integration, double screen anti-fog (DSAF) visor, rubber gasket seal and manual lever closable air intake vents provide maximum ventilation and clear vision in the most demanding racing environments. The GP.3 Carbon is available in two versions: GP.3 Carbon and GP.3 Carbon with Ear Cups. The GP.3 Carbon is available in sizes 57 minus (57- ) to 61 plus (61+) and retails for $899.95. For additional information on this helmet, please visit Bell Bell GTX.3 Carbon The GTX.3 Carbon helmet features an ultra-lightweight Carbon shell, sleek aero styling, front chin bar gurney, and an integrated rear wing for enhanced aerodynamic performance at higher speeds. Built specifically for dirt track forms of racing, the GTX.3 Carbon’s integrated shield, rubber gasket seal, double screen anti-fog (DSAF) visor and rear facing vents allow air exchange and clear vision while preventing dust from entering the helmet. The versatile GTX.3 Carbon provides industry-leading performance features and is an ideal choice for racers competing in the open wheel dirt track and off-road forms of racing. The GP.3 Carbon is available in sizes 57 minus (57- ) to 61 plus (61+) and retails for $899.95. For additional information, visit Bell M.8 Carbon The M.8 Carbon helmet from Bell Motorsports is the next evolution in Bell’s M series, with a design concept that incorporates traditional styling, and enhanced visibility. The helmet’s versatile features allow it to be used in all forms of racing, including off-road. The M.8 Carbon provides comfort and features including an ultra-lightweight carbon shell, pro-style interior, superior ventilation with manual lever air intake vents, and a large eye-port. The M.8 Carbon is a great choice for racers who need extra room for eyeglasses, and for those who want an advanced, lightweight, multi-purpose helmet with a wider field of vision and updated Bell styling and performance. The M.8 Carbon is available in sizes 57 minus (57- ) to 61 plus (61+) and retails for $799.95. For more information, visit Bell Bell BR.1 Forced Air Bell Motorsports Introduces its Snell SA2015 BR.1. This helmet can be used with side or top forced air entering into the helmet. By installing either the side (left) forced air or top forced air kit (sold separately), the BR.1 becomes a full ventilation forced air helmet. Racers can switch the BR.1 to the desired configuration for their type of racing. The BR.1 features a lightweight composite shell, aero front lip and a large eye-port. The standard BR.1 is sold in the rear vent configuration featuring a Venturi air exchange system. Customers have the option of buying forced air kits with either the traditional one and a half-inch diameter round or standard barb nozzle, or the Quick Lock nozzle. The BR.1 incorporates Bell’s air chamber technology, and features Bell’s redesigned face piece with recessed areas that allow radio integration and easy installation. Racers can also customize the fit of the BR.1 by using Bell’s Cheek Pad Inserts. Each helmet comes with a clear shield and Bell visor strip as standard equipment. The BR.1 also has M6 terminals installed in the shell for use with head and neck restraint device anchor systems. The BR.1 retails for $499.95 and the Air insert kits retail for $39.95 and are also available in matte black or white colors and is available in sizes small (57) to extra-large (61+). For more information, visit Pyrotect Pyrotect Pro Ultra Tri-Flow Pyrotect has brought forward it’s all new SA2015 Pro-Ultra Tri-Flow series of helmets which consists of three different styles for racers to choose from. The three models are Standard, Duckbill Full Face, and Tri-Flow Forced Air models. The Pro-Ultra Tri-Flow Forced Air helmets come with a full set of accessories for customizing with drinking tubes and-or a communication accessory all while having the capability to convert the helmet from a standard full face, to a left, right or even top forced-air helmet in a matter of minutes. The helmets retail from $479-$1,099. For more information visit Pyrotect Pyrotect Pro Airflow Helmet Series The Pro Airflow SA2015 helmets from Pyrotect (series number: 200-220) feature a unique six pad interior system which, according to Pyrotect, allows for resizing the helmet to achieve a perfect fit. Other features include a new interior design that further reduces heat transfer to keep racers and out-door enthusiast’s cooler and reduce the instances of the shield fogging up. The Pro Airflow helmets are vacuumed bagged and autoclave cured for superior helmet strength and durability while keeping the helmet as light as possible. These helmets are available in Carbon and Composite Tri-Weave. These helmets retail from $379-$899. For further information, please visit Pro Sport Helmet Series Pyrotect’s SA2015 ProSport helmets have been designed for increased safety, comfort and unmatched quality at an affordable price. The ProSport helmets are vacuum bagged and autoclave cured for strength and durability while keeping the helmet as light as possible. The ProSport helmets also include the company’s P1 airflow system with strategically placed air channels for air circulation throughout the helmet’s interior. These helmets are available in Carbon and Composite, and retail from $269-$649. For more information, visit Shoei Shoei Hornet-X2 Shoei Helmets offers an optimal balance between on-and-off-road form and function with its Hornet-X2 helmet. According to Shoei, the helmet offers serious motorcyclists the perfect helmet with a design to maintain peak performance in every condition without compromising the core values of a long distance touring helmet. This product retail starts at $594.99. For more information, visit Shoei VFX-W Shoei’s VFX-W is one of the company’s most popular motorcycle and ATV helmet used in off-road and motocross racing. The VFX-W utilizes strong and lightweight hand-laid AIM+ Shell construction, and offers improved ventilation performance. The helmet also features a 3D Max-Dry Interior, E.Q.R.S., and Dual-Layer/Multi-Density EPS Liner. The retail price starts at$463.99. For more information, visit Shoei Shoei RJ Platinum-R The Shoei RJ Platinum-R combines contemporary styling with a fully removable, washable, adjustable interior. With enhanced ventilation performance, and a remarkably quiet riding experience, the RJ Platinum-R helmet from Shoei strives for a higher standard for what an open-face helmet should be. The RJ Platinum-R as a starting retail price of $328.99. For more information, visit HJC Helmets HJC FG-MX The FG-MX is constructed of HJC’s Advanced Fiberglass Composite (AFC) for lightweight, superior fit and comfort using advanced CAD technology. The large eye port allows for maximum visibility and goggle fitment, and supports “ACS” Advanced Channeling Ventilation System for full front-to- back airflow that flushes heat and humidity. The company’s SilverCool™ Interior keeps riders cool with moisture-wicking, advanced silver, anti-bacterial fabric that is removable and washable. Available in sizes XS – 2XL. DOT & SNELL M2015. Retail on this helmet starts at $199.99. For more information, visit HJC DS-X1 Helmet HJC introduces the DS-X1, a do-it- all helmet at an accessible price. The DS-X1 is ideal helmet for both on and off-road riding, adapting to different riding styles with three configurations. It’s available with a shield and visor, shield only, or visor only (goggle prepared), thanks to the helmet’s large eye port. The DS-X1 supports an aerodynamic and dual-function visor to prevent anti-lift and to increase ventilation. Available in silver, black, semi-flat black, white, the helmet can also be ordered with a graphic design that also includes high visibility yellow, black or reflective silver designs. Sizes XS – 2XL available. Starting retail price is $169.99. For further information, visit HJC Helmets HJC AR-10 III According to HJC, the newly designed SNELL SA2015 helmet is ideal for all types of racing. The AR-10 III uses the Advance Fiberglass Composite Weave Shell for a lightweight fit. Its comfortable fire resistant and moisture-wicking interior combined with an advance ventilation system, keep riders cool and comfortable. The expanded eye port, optional ear cups, and rear spoiler are just some of the upgraded features on this helmet model. The helmets are available in semi-flat black and gloss white, with sizes from XS-2XL. MSRP for this product is $319.99. For more information, visit Simpson Simpson Carbon Devil Ray Simpson’s Carbon Fiber Devil Ray is a Snell 2015 rated racing helmet that features an exceptionally lightweight carbon shell, that weighs 2.9 lbs. (medium size). The Devil Ray comes ready to be used with head and neck restraints and can be adapted for use with radio communication systems. The Devil Ray helmet comes in a padded helmet bag and features top-air and side-pipe options that can be added at a $150 additional charge. MSRP for this product is $879.95, and is available in sizes ranging from small-XXLarge. For more information, visit Stand 21 Produced by Stand 21, the IVOS-Baja helmets feature a full carbon light weight design, with kermel inner padding, expanded polypropylene liner for longevity, forced air intake, dust proof gasket around the visor opening, and a Nomex helmet skirt. The design of the helmet provides protection against stones and-or projections by other vehicles, and also features a three millimeter polycarbonate visor that is fire and impact tested with special anti-fogging ventilation. Sizes 57-65 are available in the liner, with additional custom fitted interior padding, and a HANS system. Retail for the 8859-2015/Snell 2015 delivered with M6 terminal post anchors is $2,550, and the FIA 8860-2010/Snell 2015 delivered with M6 terminal post anchors retails for $3,350. For additional information, visit Arai Arai VX-PRO4 Moto Arai’s VX-Pro4 is the go-to choice for many riders because of the R75 organic shape that allows it to slide over uneven surfaces in the event of a crash. The shell’s Complex Laminate Construction is made from Arai’s proprietary hyper-durable Super Fibers. The VX-PRO4 also features a venting system with six intake ports and eight exhaust ports, and comes with a removable anti-microbial inner liner that can be customized for the perfect fit. MSRP is $609.95-$749.95. For more information, visit Arai XD4 Arai’s XD4 is a modern ATV and UTV helmet that is made from Arai’s specially-designed Super Fibers that have a 30-percent higher tensile strength and penetration resistance than standard fiberglass shells. The XD4 has an adjustable anti-microbial inner liner and pull-down air spoiler to reduce noise and keep debris from kicking up into the rider’s neck. The design features a wide field of vision provided by the large eye port. MSRP for this helmet is $609.95-$739.95. For additional information, visit Arai GP-5W The GP-5W is a favorite among many off-road drivers due to its numerous features including the extra wide 90mm (three and a half-inch) eye port that affords an incredible field of view. Made from the company’s Super Complex Laminate Construction, the shell features Arai’s aerospace-grade Super Fibers for maximum structural integrity. The GP-5W also features an integrated M6 washer and nut that allow the helmet to be quickly and easily anchored to a variety of head and neck restraint devices. MSRP for this product is $809.95. For more information, visit Racequip Racequip Vesta 15 The Vesta 15 is a Snell SA2015 certified helmet that features a hand laid Fiber Reinforced Polymer shell and a unique chin bar to support a scalloped face shield design. The Vesta 15 can be outfitted with Head and Neck Restraint posts (not included) with the reinforced M6 threaded inserts built into the helmet. A Nomex® interior, Kevlar ® chin strap, and exterior paint are fire retardant. The helmet also features a comfort fit blended Nomex® interior, along with exhaust vents on the top and back of the shell. Available in Pearl White, Gloss Black, and Flat Black in sizes Small - 2XL. MSRP is $348.95. For more information, visit Racequip Pro15 TOP AIR The RaceQuip PRO15 TOP AIR Helmet is a Snell SA-2015 rated design with a low profile and features an air inlet barb. The forced air blows down across the faceshield to keep it fog free and exhaust vents on the top and back help to cool the driver. The Fiber Reinforced Polymer (FRP) shell is hand laid and features Reinforced M6 threaded HANS/HNR inserts so Head and Neck Restraint device anchor posts, (not included) can be easily attached to the outside of the helmet. The Pro15 TOP AIR also features a flame retardant Kevlar® chin strap and comfort fit blended Nomex® interior. Available in Gloss White or Flat Black in sizes Small - 2XL. MSRP is $279.95. For more information, visit RESOURCES arai Bell Impact USA HJC Pyrotect Racequip Shoei Helmets Simpson Racing Stand 21

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