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Sal Fish Announced As 
Grand Marshal Of 50th 
SCORE Baja 1000

 Former SCORE International owner Sal Fish accepted an invitation from SCORE President/CEO Roger Norman to be the Grand Marshal for the 50th SCORE Baja 1000 race in November 2017. “There is no one in the off-road world that we would have considered more worthy of being the Grand Marshall for the 50th than Sal Fish,” said Norman. “He brought so much to the sport from the rule book, to the first television exposure, all the major sponsors, and manufacturers that have used SCORE and the SCORE Baja 1000 as the proving grounds for so many different products.” Fish was the owner and promoter of SCORE International for 38 years, before selling the company to Roger Norman in 2012.  “I am very grateful to be in a position right now to be able to accept the honor of being the Grand Marshal for the race that has meant so much to me and to so many people all over the world.” Along with being the Grand Marshal for the 50th, Fish’s contributions to the SCORE Baja 1000 will be the focus of an in-depth article in an upcoming issue of SCORE Journal. Edward Muncey Joins SCORE As Special Advisor For Digital Media SCORE brought aboard its new Special Advisor for Digital Media, Edward Muncey. Muncey is the former UFC Senior Vice-President of Digital and brings his expertise to SCORE after serving 11-years at The Ultimate Fighting Championship. Muncey is the son of the legendary Hall of Fame Unlimited Hydroplane racer Bill Muncey and is half-brother to SCORE President/CEO Roger Norman.  “This is truly like a dream come true for me to be able to work with my brother Edward like this with SCORE,” commented Norman. “Edward has considerable experience and amazing knowledge of digital media, monetization, content protection and developing a scale for rapid growth, areas that we have only begun to scratch the surface on at SCORE. He brings a whole new level of professionalism to our SCORE Management Team and his contributions to SCORE will be immeasurable.”  “Under a disciplined approach, we will accelerate the reach and awareness of SCORE International and the SCORE off-road brands, the associated events, participating drivers & race teams, manufacturers, sponsors, and host-cities while leveraging the powerful affinity for off-roading within the multi-billion-dollar consumer market,” said Muncey.  “I’m one person among millions of aspiring desert-racing enthusiasts who are very passionate about off-roading and have always looked at the SCORE Baja races as the elite proving grounds to test vehicles and accessories that eventually make it to the marketplace for street and off-road vehicles.” IN MEMORIAM SCORE Mourns The Passing Of Longtime worker Billy Wick SCORE mourns the passing of one of its long-time president of SCORE Officials Organization Billy Wick. Wick had worked for SCORE for 34-years and retired in 2012. Wick passed away from pneumonia at age 77, and also suffered from pulmonary fribrosis. Born in Kansas City, Missouri, Wick’s main career was as a Quality Assurance Manager for Lockheed Martin and also did contract work involving Quality Assurance. He lived the last 16 years in Green Valley, Ariz., but lived most of his adult life in Glendora, California. “Billy was a good friend and a great asset to SCORE for over three decades,” said Sal Fish, who worked with Wick during his time at SCORE. “He was dedicated, hardworking and loyal, three of the best traits any of us could have. Billy was a big part of the mast that kept SCORE floating and moving forward. I have many wonderful memories of working with him for all those years with SCORE.” Promoting Safety For Children Of Baja Ruben Elizalde’s love for off-road racing turned into a mission to teach children about safety for the sport. Elizalde saw that many spectators in Baja get in the way of racers, or are positioned in a dangerous area to view the race. Elizalde had an idea to start promoting spectator safety with children by means of a coloring book, so they would learn where the safe viewing areas are and how they can also promote safety among their friends and families. “I had the idea of making the books about four years ago when I saw a picture of Mr. Ken Kosiorek, best known as the Baja Turtle.  He made coloring books for kids and would hand them out on his trips,” said Elizalde. “I never had the chance to meet him but that’s  why I started this. I never saw one of his books but I wanted mine to have a special and important message, helping to promote safe spectating of off-road racing in Baja. Elizalde’s coloring book is titled The Off-Road Adventures of Calzonman & Choyonsito. It features a 10-year old character named Ruben, nicknamed Choyonsito. When Choyonsito sees a dangerous situation during a race, he calls upon his Mexican superhero Calzonman, (meaning underwear man as he wears his underwear on top of his pants), to help the situation. “In 2016 I was able to produce the coloring books to the children of Baja,” said Elizalde. “It teaches children about racing and how to spectate responsibly. I was able to visit a few dozen schools and hand out the coloring books that come with a bag of crayons, all for free.” The coloring books are created by Elizalde’s friend Arturo Contreras at ORGraphix who has been producing the books for the cause. Elizalde looks for additional sponsors to help fund the coloring books and continue to promote safe spectating during off-road races in Baja. “Teaching lessons through a coloring, comic book geared towards the younger fans in Baja has been successful,” said Elizalde. “Crafting the books is secondary to my commitment to education. I donate my time in the school system to present and teach safety. I want to start this as  a movement to reach the next generation of fans in this sport. Donations are always welcome, as the books are made with the help of sponsors.” said Elizalde. More information visit their Facebook page here. Watch Elizalde’s YouTube video as he explains to a classroom of children the areas where it’s safe to stand while watching an off-road race ( in Spanish). Healy Newspapers Run SCORE International News Columns

 Two prominent newspapers in Baja California, Mexico have begun running insightful SCORE International News columns written by SCORE CEO/President Roger Norman. Published by Healy Newspapers, the Frontera and La Cronica  periodicals, the columns will run every other Tuesday and will appear in both the print edition and social media platforms. Coordinated by Juan Tintos, SCORE Liaison to Mexico, the columns will present news on SCORE and advancements made in recent years on security, race safety, and SCORE’s relationship with state government, and private sector representatives. “This is a major, first-of-its-kind opportunity for SCORE and we are grateful and enthusiastic for all that these columns represent,” said Tintos. “Roger Norman has embraced this unique opportunity for SCORE, especially this year as we celebrate the 50th anniversary of the iconic SCORE Baja 1000. To have these columns presented both in print and through the digital platforms of Periodicos Healy,  represents our ability to present news about SCORE, the SCORE World Desert Championship and our SCORE desert racers in a very informative and positive way.” SJ

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