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T H U R S D A Y 1 1 9 10:15-11:00 AM THE GUARDIAN STAGE If You Did This In The City, You'd Be In Prison By Now TV, radio, print media – all held accountable by industry standards that maintain quality and counteract fraud. Why not digital advertising? As brands become national news for the wrong reasons, marketing budgets end up in the wrong pockets and programmatic is scapegoated as the culprit. We ask how we got into this mess, and how we can clean it up. If the future of all advertising is programmatic, surely now is the time to act. Is industry self regulation the answer? What would a digital advertising code of conduct look like? Hamish Nicklin CRO, GUARDIAN NEWS & MEDIA PRESENTED BY THE GUARDIAN 1O:30-11:20 AM WORKSHOP STAGE Rewriting The TV Playbook — What's In Store In The 2020'S? With an explosion in the number of channels, the on demand revolution and screens in everyone's pocket, the way we watch television is changing at an electric pace. But what will the TV landscape look like in five years from now? Will scheduled television as we know it be dead, will ratings matter, who will be the winners and the losers and will the shows we watch be shaped by way we watch it? Join the UK's leading quality TV magazine Radio Times, and a panel of industry experts including analysts and independent producers as they discuss the future of Britain's favourite pastime and what it means for the advertising industry.. PRESENTED BY IMMEDIATE MEDIA 11:00-11:45 AM THE GUARDIAN STAGE We're Humans Not Users: Living In A Digital World Digital technology crept into our lives over the last 20 years and has entrenched so deeply, that it has completely redesigned how we communicate with each other. So much so, that this year, the majority of UK media spend will be digital and last year, almost half of 18-24 year olds were more willing to give up booze for a year than their smartphone. You've got to hand it to digital, it's got our attention, but how does it make us feel? Jon Mew CEO, IAB UK Pete Trainor Director of Human Centred Design, NEXUS DESIGN PRESENTED BY INTERNET ADVERTISING BUREAU UK (IAB UK) 10:15-11:00 AM 1O:30-11:20 AM 11:00-11:45 AM 9:30-10:20 AM WORKSHOP STAGE Time To Talk We are bringing our popular Inclusion@MediaCom series to Advertising Week this year, delving into mental health and wellbeing. It's no secret this is a hot topic at the moment, but we promise that you won't have attended anything like this before. We recommend you bring the tissues. Come join us and discover the strength we can all find within ourselves. Jonny Benjamin MBE Mental Health Campaigner, Film Producer, Public Speaker, Writer & Vlogger Neil Laybourn Mental Health Campaigner PRESENTED BY MEDIACOM 10:00-10:50 AM IPA CENTENARY STAGE Trust: Does It Exist In Advertising; Either Between Advertisers & Publishers Or Brands & Consumers? We will look into the megatrends, including EU General Data Protection Regulation Pii rules, Programmatic Trading and Content Financing, and how they affect the two most significant areas of trust in advertising: The relationship and evolution of transparency between advertisers, agencies and media owners, and the privacy debate around personalisation and targeting of ads against consumers. MODERATOR Steve Plimsoll Chief Dig. & Data Officer Middle East, PWC Mark Finney Director of Media & Advertising, ISBA Sam Tomlinson Partner, PWC PRESENTED BY PWC 10:15-11:00 AM FAST COMPANY STAGE Empire Presents The world's biggest film and entertainment brand gets up close and personal with one of the film industry's greats. Terri White Editor-In-Chief, Empire, BAUER MEDIA PRESENTED BY BAUER MEDIA 10:15-11:00 AM SHUTTERSTOCK STAGE Production Powerhouses As Content Agencies The big production groups are all creating digital content for brands. They are known for their big TV formats but their understanding of storytelling and audiences mean that they create best-quality branded content that may be more effective than advertising agencies or digital studios. Samantha Glynne VP Branded Ent., FREMANTLEMEDIA James Hayr Head of Global Sales, ENDEMOL SHINE UK Jonathan Lewis Head of Digital & Partnership Innov., CHANNEL 4 Selma Turajlic CEO & Co-Founder, LITTLE DOT STUDIOS, ALL3MEDIA 9:30-10:20 AM 10:00-10:50 AM 10:15-11:00 AM 10:15-11:00 AM download on the app store android app on google play

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