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Advertising Week Europe: Ad agencies, like most things today, are evolving at a rapid pace. While we hear about the agency evolution, it's often hard to define what specifically seems to be changing. Could you shed some light on the evolution of the agency model? Mark Creighton: To succeed in the competitive digital economy, busi- nesses need partners that can help them fully leverage and connect the power of their most valuable asset—their brand—across every touchpoint. Partners must develop ideas focused on solving business problems, not filling ad space. Ideas that deliver long-term effective- ness through fame and emotion, but are also targeted and dynamic, drive results in the short-term. AWE: There's an obvious and growing need to shift away from tra- ditional models and instead head in a direction that better connects and resonates with both clients and consumers. How does Dentsu Aegis embody that transition? MC: Our diverse and growing network of agencies, each with their own unique specialism, are all united behind one shared belief of 'Innovating the way brands are built', a collective direction that states what we aspire to as an organisation in the way we work with our clients. We don't want to 'Innovate the Way Brands are Built in Media' and then connect it clumsily to the way we 'Innovate the Ways Brands are Built in Creative'. We are beyond the point where any single com- pany can do everything brilliantly; the future of our industry lies in the coalition of genuine experts in media, creativity, digital technology and data-driven effectiveness. We simply start from a single origin and work together to arrive at a single destination that defines the best solution we can create. AWE: Back in the day, the only mediums for advertisements were print and broadcast. In that sense, how has digital marketing disrupted the industry, and therefore, influenced the role of the modern agency? MC: While advertising mediums have evolved and grown since those 'good old days,' what we as marketers do hasn't changed fundamen- tally. We are still trying to reach and engage people in creative ways; the real difference is how we reach and engage people. As an industry we have had to adapt to a fast-moving landscape, driven by people's ongoing adoption of new technology and ability to consume content in different ways. Those that have survived and thrived have embraced the need for ongoing change, creating cultures that are open and embrace it, rather than fear or reject it. Businesses willing to re- evaluate their relevance and show humility in evolving to changes in the market have greater capacity to survive in the long-term. Those that resist inevitably disappear. AWE: Now it feels like ads are everywhere we turn, making the creation of impactful, impressionable ads the greatest feat for advertisers. In today's crowded media space, how do advertisers make their messages stick? Businesses in the ad world must evolve in order to survive and to support the growing and changing demands of clients, consumers and audiences in the creative space. Fail to do so and be doomed to fail. Advertising Week Europe spoke with Mark Creighton, Chief Operating Officer at Dentsu Aegis Network in the UK and Ireland, about the evolution of the ad agency and how shifting away from tradi - tional business models could be the promise of a new era of advertising for all. AWE 2017 153

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