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After seven hours of intense, vigorous but always courteous debate the assembled designers, advertising folk, investors, en- trepreneurs and business people awarded a total of 87 D&AD Impact Pencils: 39 Wood, 26 Graphite, 20 White and 2 Black. The next night, in the PlayStation Theatre in Times Square, the delighted winners came on stage to receive their awards in a show gra- ciously hosted by Baratunde Thurston and memorably closed by Sting. D&AD Impact was born. The genesis of Impact lay in the launch of D&AD's White Pencil five years earlier. To celebrate D&AD's 50th anniversary a group including then President Sanky, future Presidents Rosie Arnold and Andy Sandoz and a team of D&AD-ers came up with the idea of a new Pencil to celebrate and re- ward those companies, agencies and studios whose work was designed to help business- es, in the famous words of Lord Leverhulme, 'do well by doing good'. The White Pencil was more than just an award though; it was a campaign, one that quickly gathered momen- tum and which began to influence, encourage and support the growth of purpose beyond The inaugural D&AD Impact Awards at Advertising Week New York 2016 were a hit, paving the way for an even better 2017 by Tim Lindsay CEO of D&AD On September 26th last year, a distinguished and talented group of people gathered in the New York offices of Fast Company to judge the inau- gural D&AD Impact awards, choosing the best in 12 challenging new categories, ranging from Communication and Interaction through Health and Wellness to Urban Living. 601 projects were entered, of a quite startlingly high quality. Making an Inaugural Impact with a Big Pencil PURPOSE

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