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profit in business. So much so that in 2015 and in partnership with our friends at Advertising Week, we decided to give the White Pencil it's own stage, time and place, and that turned into D&AD Impact. Doestheworldofadvertising,designandbusinessneedanotherawardsshow?We believe it needs this one, and here's why. The world is changing and, after a tumul- tuous 2016, not always for the better. Unfettered consumerism and consumption are depleting the planet's resources faster than they can be replaced—and faster than technology can ride to our rescue. The developing world is catching up with the developed world in its demand for cars and phones, washing machines, and air-conditioning. Governments, unfortunately, have proved themselves sadly inept at addressing the real issues around climate change and the attendant, frankly terrifying consequences. Which means that a large responsibility now falls to people – that's you and me folks – and the businesses that serve them. If we don't confront and solve these problems they will destroy us. It's for this reason that an awards show that shines a light on creativity that makes a real difference, to stimulate and celebrate businesses that seek to do well by doing good, to encourage projects—both commercial and non-commercial—that aim to make the world a better place is vitally important. The business, tech- nology, investor, marketing, advertising and design communities need to come together and make ethically-conducted sustainable business practice the new normal. D&AD Impact is designed to help that become a reality, fast. We're happy to report that everyone who joined in first time around—entrants, jurors, winners, award-ceremony-goers—found it both personally enriching and professionally inspiring. Impact is not just an awards show, it's a movement. So of course we're going to do it all over again, with our partners at Advertising Week, in New York in September 2017. Only even better. Plans include the intro- duction of sub-categories for projects that have begun to make a difference—to en- sure we encourage entries that have great potential, as well as ones whose poten- tial has been realised; mechanisms that will enable those young projects to at- tract investment and funding in order to scale them into significant reality; a live element to the final day of judging; and a program of teaching and training derived from the winning work to take the key lessons out to the wider com- munity and help develop the language, thinking, tools, processes, strategies and metrics that are needed to take purposeful marketing and business into the mainstream. We couldn't be more excited about Impact. It's probably the most important initiative in D&AD's and Advertising Week's respec- tive histories. Now all you have to do is find a project, select a program, start an initiative, en- courage your own business, studio, agency, or organisation to get with the movement and join in. It's stimulating, satisfying and will, in the end, save our planet. Really. We look forward to seeing you in New York in September. "We couldn't be more excited about Impact. It's probably the most important initiative in D&AD's and Advertising Week's respective histories." AWE 2017 181

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