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car: you reach 100 miles an hour before the competition has even started. Compelling creative in a real-time world will take off no matter where it's placed. Emotional messaging and programmatic buying are not mutually exclusive. In fact, programmatic's job is to get that emotional idea in front of the right people at the right time and in the right place. It is the creative side that makes people pay attention to it. Where things can get tricky is in the format. "The programmatic ad exchanges are all different—if you don't know what creative format fits in a particular exchange you'll get rubbish results," says Staines. The brand, agencies and ad-tech must all be working the system together, so that bril- liant messaging won't get rejected by the exchanges. Your programmatic team can ensure that your creative appears correctly in each environment. Format is so important to RadiumOne that it has created a divi- sion dedicated to the creative quality of ads served programmatically. Like stock traders following the market, firms like RadiumOne also have people constantly focused on how a campaign is performing. They study first-, second- and third-party data in real time, discovering trends and looking for ways to optimise that information. This enables the team to make smart spending and creative decisions. "You've got to have a highly skilled team, you've got to be working a system and you've got to have partners who are willing to work to- ward the client's goals. Because it's about a business outcome at the end of the day, not about a media outcome," says Staines. But programmatic cannot fix what is already broken, Staines notes. Everything goes back to the creative brief. How well attuned to the consumer is the planner informing the brief? How good are the creatives at deliver- ing an emotional, consumer-friendly idea? The next big challenge for brands and their agency partners is mobile. More and more spending is being directed there and Staines believes that we still have a long way to go when it comes to achieving emotional con- nection on mobile. But he's hopeful. "It's early days. It is very exciting, so seize the opportunity." AWE 2017 193

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