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AI (artificial intelligence)—computer sys- tems that rival and even outdo human intelligence and learning ability—can make the lives of both marketers and con- sumers easier by understanding the best ways to reach customers and presenting them with only campaigns that fit their in- terests and needs. A system like IBM's Watson, for example, is able to pick through the huge troves of data that marketers have at their fingertips and tell them via easy-to-understand visuals where their ads will have the highest suc- cess rate. That data wouldn't just include geography and demographics but much more, such as a sense of a consumer's per- sonality. And AI can relay information about customer trends in minutes—work that would take a human hours to get through. Watson won international acclaim after beating two champions on the Jeopardy! quiz show in 2011. But that showed off a mere fraction of its talents, says Mark Simpson, Vice President of Offering Management at IBM. "We are infusing 62% of respondents will not use apps or websites that are difficult to navigate 43% would participate in a product review Who Is Gen Z? Born between 1995–2010 Gen Z has a buying power of $44 Billion Watson's cognitive capabilities throughout the marketing offerings currently in IBM's marketing cloud," he says. That includes visual perception, speech rec- ognition and decision-making. "Watson puts more of an emphasis on mental capabilities that include reasoning, planning, problem- solving…almost thinking abstractly through more complex ideas while learning from past experiences," says Simpson. The system has a "cognitive bidder" that can bid on ad spaces based on the data it col- lects from consumers. It knows where to place your ads in the digital space to maxi- mize your reach and spending. "We are not trying to replace people here. We are trying to make people a lot smarter by giving them an assistant, a trusted adviser or another team that they can call upon to execute a project," Simpson says. AI can also reach the consumer on a more in- timate basis. This past Christmas, the Home Shopping Network (HSN) teamed up with IBM to make shopping a little less stress- ful. Harnessing real-time data curated by Watson, HSN was able to send personalised messages and product suggestions to its customers, making consumers and market- ers happier. And AI also helped Staples bring its iconic Easy Button desktop object to life. With the help of Watson's cognitive-learning capa- bilities, the red button—previously just a marketing tool that did nothing but say "That was easy" when pushed—can now be used by customers to order products from Staples in real time. The system takes past orders and interactions into account to fine-tune its responses. Artificial intelligence can create a smarter, more efficient advertising world. It has the ability to revolutionise the way a company makes decisions and can enhance consum- ers' lives by more accurately recognising their needs. It's not a matter of if AI will change the world—it's a matter of how fast. Gen Zers use devices primarily for texting and chatting 73% Text and Chat 36% Do Schoolwork 59% Access Entertainment 28% Learn New Things 58% Play Games 17% Shop and Browse AWE 2017 199 Imagine the globe's quickest-learning as- sistant—someone who can sort through vast amounts of data at lightning speed, under- stand highly complex analytics and free up hours of your team's day. This wonder worker isn't something out of science fiction or a hiring manager's wildest dreams; it's ar- tificial intelligence and it's a reality right now.

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