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INNOVATION Making Ads An Interlude Rather Than An Interruption Is Key In The New Viewing Landscape by Emma Sarran Webster The audio- and video-streaming marketplace is booming, while ad-free choices continue to pro- liferate. What does this mean for marketers looking to reach audi- ences who can now pay a fee to eliminate ads? And will commer- cial-free options make consumers hostile toward ads when they do appear? One very optimistic view holds that this won't be the case. CONSUMERS AREN'T NECESSARILY PAYING TO GET RID OF ADS Yes, some subscription offerings from streaming services like Hulu or ITV's Hub are ad-free, but Simon Daglish, Deputy Commercial Managing Director at ITV, feels that's not why users are paying. "They're paying to get access to the type of content they want," he says. Spotify, he points out, has 40 million paid subscribers, but they only started gaining paid users when the company linked subscriptions to the ben- efits of mobile use. "The fact that [users] weren't getting the advertising was an added benefit, not necessarily the reason for them to do it," Daglish says. "A great ad is a great ad. It doesn't matter where you put it. I think we sometimes get obsessed with the person we're delivering it to, rather than the message we're sending." Is Ad-Free Streaming A Threat To Marketers? AWE 2017 202

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