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journalism; for an independent view in an increasingly polarised world. Moving away from the challenged paid- for print model has allowed us to focus on stories that resonate with our growing audi- ences without the obstacles that come with having to balance between print and digital priorities. This growing global influence has translated to +52% growth in audience since we went digital-only which has more than validated our decision to do so. The Independent is now the number one pure play publisher in the UK with a digital ve- locity far greater than that of our traditional competitors. As with all innovation we learnt a lot from the process and we'll keep learn- ing as we go, but the future of the brand has never felt more assured. London has also seen some seismic change not least in the form of a new mayor Sadiq Khan, who has promised that London is 'open for business'. Our experience very much echoes that with Londoners continuing to eat, drink and shop their way through all life has to offer, even in the aftermath of a vote for Brexit. Londoners are different and often see life from a different angle; our Achievement Study showed that more and more people are now viewing life experience as a far healthier barometer of success than the old metrics of job title and salary. Our portfolio of London brands and events have been highlighting exactly that, creating connected experienc- es across multiple channels including live events through the launch of ESI Live. June 2017 will see us respond to that desire for experience with the launch of London Food Month. This month long celebration of London's position as the culinary capital of the world will see some of the world's top chefs arrive unleashing a whole host of tastes, experiences and live events taking place throughout the city. Don't forget to bring your appetite! Despite the largely gloomy shadow that Trump and Brexit may cast for some, we remain extremely positive about the future. Creating content that cuts through the crap; resonates with audiences that brands want to engage with, seems to be a simple but ef- fective blueprint for success. So far, so good!... here's to a great AWE 2017. AWE 2017 215

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