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AWE: When we think of digital, we often think of it as the enemy of major publications, but that's often not the case. What are both the challenges and the benefits of that chang- ing platform? FS: For us, it's about great content across all platforms. Cosmopolitan in print and digital formats are separate enti- ties united by the same spirit and tone. The magazine offers long form journalism with some of the best writers in the UK, whilst Cosmopolitan's online team delivers the best breaking news stories, listicles and celebrity gossip in an easy-digest- ible, funny and smart Cosmopolitan way. RS: Digital is absolutely our friend. We reach twenty-times as many people in digital versus print, and digital is where our audience is growing fastest. Every medium has its chal- lenges – any assumption that digital is easier or cheaper is fundamentally untrue. What we've found, though, is that the combination of digital and print makes our brand stronger and more effective than either piece would do individually. Adding in social and live events enriches the mix even fur- ther. The depth of engagement and diversity of content is an unapologetic benefit. AWE: What's something happening in the media industry today that you find particularly exciting, and that gives you a sense of optimism for where the industry is headed? FS: I think being a heritage brand working with nimble start- ups is an exciting place to be and it's helpful to be part of a big media business that understands the value of partner- ships and can help them flourish. A great example of that is Joanna Coles introducing Snapchat to Hearst, and the digital team embracing the platform so successfully. Joint ventures between smart brands who share the same values is the way forward. You just need to hold your egos in order to do that. RS: The range and depth of content being created today around the globe is just as- tounding. There is a flowering of creativ- ity that dwarfs anything that has come before. Out of that, amaz- ing new talent, new formats and new mes- sages will come to the fore. AWE: What is some- thing your publication prides itself on, particularly in a chaotic and crowded space of news, journalism and opinion? FS: We pride ourselves on quality journalism, a unique, trust- ed voice and a place that isn't afraid to tackle cutting-edge issues, and we are proud to have a loyal audience of smart, ambitious women wanting to engage with our content. RS: Fast Company tries to cut through the clutter of informa- tion, as a warm approachable guide to a future world that is unfolding before us. While compelling ideas are what anchor our coverage, we present those ideas through the experi- ences and impact of compelling people. We are hopeful and optimistic: Something amazing is always going on. Our job is to find it and inspire you with the possibilities that it evokes. AWE: What's your favorite part of your job? FS: I'm never happier than when I've got a four-hour window in my diary, a pile of copy to read and a steady flow of strong English breakfast tea. RS: I'm so lucky. In this job, I get to meet with such a wide range of accomplished, fascinating people – across technolo- gy, entertainment, media, health care, government, you name it. Those sources and the amazing things they are doing are endlessly energizing. Robert Safian PERSPECTIVE Every medium has its challenges— any assumption that digital is easier orcheaper is fundamentally untrue. AWE 2017 252

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