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5 PERSPECTIVE 5 By James Tye Chief Executive of Dennis Publishing Quantum Values at Dennis A lot of companies talk about their values, but at Dennis we simply live by them. Our company values came about not from a focus group or lofty brainstorming meeting, but by simply asking the 400+ people who work at Dennis what they valued about Dennis as it is now, and what they would like the company to be in 2020 and beyond. We did it using Post-It notes (yes, old fashioned I know) but it gave us a very clear idea of what really mattered and where we were heading. In many ways this made our job far easier—instead of trying to impose a set of values for us as a company, we simply had to boil down what we all believed into a simple framework. What was also fascinating for me is that what people jotted onto these pink and yellow Post-Its was often in contrast. This brought home to me that a modern media company can't just be strong in one area, but that to truly thrive you needed to be capable in a wide range of disciplines. The nerd in me likened these opposing values to light—which can paradoxically exist in two states at once—as a wave and a particle. And although this has long been a mainstay of quantum physics it was only actually proved in 2014. I label our Dennis approach "Quantum Values" as they are seemingly opposing but actually work very well for us.

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