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T So we created a magazine to help young people find the facts and make sense of it all. We wanted to satisfy our readers' ap- petite for knowledge, feed their natural cu- riosity and empower them to express their own views and ideas. We set out to offer an engaging, informative and entertaining experience—one that would not tell chil- dren what to think, but would allow them to think for themselves. The Week Junior is a bold interpretation of The Week's dense, intelligent editorial structure. Both magazines are concise di- gests of the world's news, but Junior steps out of its parent's shadow by using stun- ning, modern design to appeal to children. Layouts are picture-led and lively, yet leg- ible and easy to navigate. The two titles show connection points but are distinct titles. While The Week has brand meaning to an adult, it has little or no importance to children; they judge the magazine on its own merits. At a time when the perceived wisdom was that children weren't interested in news and only read on mobile devices, we decid- ed to create a news-based print product— bucking the trend and having faith in the power of print. The measure of our success would lie not only in our sales figures, but in the trust, loyalty and influence that the magazine would achieve. In short, we set our bar high. The Week Junior has a simple ambition. It aims to make sense of the world for a child. Between the ages of eight and 14, children become increasingly independent—physically, intellectually and emotionally. They are fascinated by the world and their part in it; they have lots of questions and they are beginning to form their own opinions. They have access to a wealth of information but the answers to their questions aren't always easy to find. Smart News for Smart Kids by Kerin O'Connor Chief Executive, The Week & The Week Junior AWE 2017 275

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