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theadvertisingweekteamplansover700 programmingeventsthroughouttheyear,soin honourofthe5thanniversaryofAdvertisingWeek Europe,we'reofferingyouaninsider'slookatthe2017 progamme.Hereareafewofourfavouriteseminars. Makeyourownpicks—learnmoreaboutthe175+ programmingeventsatAWE,andbesuretobookmark yourchoicesonyourcalendar. AWE Staff Picks AWE 2017 288 Natalie's Pick "The Daily Debates will tackle some of the most controversial and important issues today. As a news and politics junkie, I'm really excited to listen to the back and forth about topics like fake news and the political escalation of Trump to the White House to hear what each side of the argument has to offer." Daily Debate: Never Trust The Press MONDAY • 12:15 PM FAST COMPANY STAGE Kevin's Pick "I'm looking forward to Shutterstock's session on visual brand responsibility. As a graphic designer who also wants to do some good in this world, I'm excited to open my mind to more possibilities of graphic imagery." Visual Brand Responsibility In An Increasingly Xenophobic World MONDAY • 4:30 PM SHUTTERSTOCK STAGE Richie's Pick "We all know the Dutch are doing something right, since it's such a desirable place to work and live. I'm excited to hear exactly what makes it so great — particularly from a creative lens." Amsterdam: The Cultural Village MONDAY • 2:00 PM IPA CENTENARY STAGE Kenny's Pick "Music is what I do, and new elements of the sharing economy, like the rise of streaming services, directly affects that. It'll be both insightful and helpful to learn more about this generation that prefers access to ownership when it comes to music." Access vs. Ownership TUESDAY • 4:15 PM SHUTTERSTOCK STAGE Lindsay's Pick "I think anytime we hear stories about people using their platforms to make a positive social change it inspires others to do the same." The Power Of Visibility: Equality In The Age Of YouTube WEDNESDAY • 1:15 PM THE GUARDIAN STAGE Doug's Pick "I'm constantly racking my brain on how to create something new that totally shifts an industry. Just Eat, Mahabis and Facebook are undeniably industry-innovators — so I'm really keen to get some nuggets of insight from them." Marketing In An Age of Disruption MONDAY • 2:15 PM FAST COMPANY STAGE Allie's Pick "I remember watching 'Project Emma' at our office and getting really emotional seeing how technology could make such an impact on someone's life." D&AD Impact & Microsoft Present: Innovative Technology For Good TUESDAY • 9:10 AM THE LYRIC THEATRE

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