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I recall a conversation with Alex Parmee and Keith Weckstein on the AW team as we craned tons of steel and wood over the Jermyn Street fence to build a two-story "permanent" building in the St. James's Piccadilly Church Garden with News UK. Matt "Will this thing fall down?" Alex and Keith "Not in theory." There's one quote in particular, from the Duke of York speaking at our 2014 Opening Gala at St. James's Palace. Duke of York "How ironic for me to speak to a group of people in advertising, as I've never actually bought anything." The Moments Making An Impact Creatingourfranchisewith Cosmopolitan'sAnnaJones, EllaDolphinandLouiseCourt celebratingfemaletalent,the DukeofYorkandAmanda ThirskatbothSt.James's PalaceandKensington Palacewithourfriendsatthe MarketingSociety,thegreat JonBatisteticklingtheivories, andJonO'DonnellandChris MaplesatTheBigMistake. LaunchingD&ADImpactwith TimLindsayandhisworld-class team,andofcourseJoanna LumleyatLambethPalacewith MarkHowe,NishmaRobband TimLefroyofGoogleandtheAA. In2017,weaddtothe lorewiththegreatPaul Bainsfairaswehonour theIPACentenary andcontinueto supportvitalindustry causesandbroader movements,likeRed NoseDay,Media Trust,NABS,HAT,and TheRoundhouse. Looking to 2017 "Believeitor not,Ihaven't forgotten anyofit." KeithRichards

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