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regularreadersofAdvertising Week'sIconBlogknowtoexpect interviews,throwbacks,anddesign evolutionpiecesabouttheindustry's mostbelovedbrandmascots.My mottoisthemorethemerrierwhenit comestothesequirkycharacters,but I'lladmitthatsometimesIhangout withTonytheTigerandMr.Peanut morethanIdowithiconsacrossthe pond.Thatallchangesnow!Joinmeas ItradetheUnitedStatesforahop,skip, andjumpthroughFrance,theUnited Kingdom,andGermanytogettoknow afewofthesemerrymascotsincluding agoldenbear,amanmadeoutoftires, andapieceofporksausagethatis quiteliterallyananimal.(Youprobably alreadyknowwhoI'mtalkingabout, don'tyou?) International Mascots ByHeatherTaylor Berries, animated and real alike, have played a big part in Ribena's history. Created by Dr. Vernon Charley in 1938, Ribena's blackcurrant drinks are the UK's number one juice drink brand with a history steeped in berry goodness. 100% of Ribena's blackcurrants are UK-grown and account for 90% of the total British blackcurrant crop. Enter the cheeky Ribena Berry characters, introduced in the 1980s and designed to resemble the British blackcurrants harvested to make Ribena. The mascots may have retired, but they proved that Ribena's drinks will always be "bursting with berryness." Ribena Berries Ribena UNITED KINGDOM General Mills calls her "Poppin' Fresh's UK cousin," which fits the adorable Janet, mascot to British pastry manufacturer Jus-Rol, perfectly. Making her debut in 2009 for Jus-Rol puff pastry sheets, Janet wears an apron and sports a coiffed hairdo in the kitchen where she enjoys making "a proper tasty meal" by using everyday ingredients. Janet JUS-ROL UNITED KINGDOM Dubbed "the original porage oats," this breakfast cereal got its start in 1880, but raised eyebrows (and kilts) everywhere with the introduction of "The Torso Mascot" in 1924. Known as "Highlander Putting the Shot" on packaging, he has been the symbol of health and strength for the oats. He's even been portrayed by Game of Thrones actor Rory McCann in a 1999 TV advert! The Torso Mascot Scott's Porage Oats UNITED KINGDOM AWE 2017 296 He's big, puffy, and made out of 26 tires. Meet Bibendum, the Michelin Man mascot for French tire manufacturer, Michelin. In his early years, Bibendum was quite different from the grinning motorist helper we all know today. He was initially sketched as a pile of tires with arms holding a cup filled with nails and broken glass. The character proclaimed "Nunc est Bibendum," a Latin quotation from Horace that translates to "Now it is time to drink!" Since then, he has embodied a softer, friendlier physique and can-do attitude as Michelin's ambassador. On his 113th birthday, the Michelin Man was inducted into the Advertising Week Walk of Fame as the 2011 "Icon of the Year." Today, he's lending a hand to stranded motorists everywhere, even sharing his own tires to outfit vehicles, while maintaining the Michelin position as the leader in tire innovation and mobility. Bibendum Michelin Man FRANCE Bibendum Initially known as the "Dancing Bear," the founder of HARIBO Hans Riegel invented a figure of a bear made out of fruit gummi in 1922. This would later become the iconic and be-loved HARIBO Gold-Bear. Over the years, the Goldbears have changed shape and colors, with The Gold-Bear getting a little red bow tie on packaging in 1989. They've also achieved a cult status with fans and were voted in 2003 as the most trustworthy confectionery brand in Germany. The Gold-Bear Haribo GERMANY Who is Animal, the mascot for pork sausage brand Peperami? Launched in 1993, he's the patron of hungry blokes and a crazy little helper with a multifaceted personality for providing everyday snack solutions. And he's kind of a big deal — Animal has been around for 24 years and achieved a cult status in the UK. Animal Peperami UNITED KINGDOM During Christmas 2016, the world met Bridget, a little girl who received a trampoline from her mum and dad as a present. Before she could make the leap, her furry friend Buster the Boxer jumped first on the trampoline — and into the hearts of consumers in the holiday advert for British department store chain John Lewis. Buster the Boxer John Lewis UNITED KINGDOM

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