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WE ARE SO PROUDtobeliftingthecurtaininLondononceagainon20 MarchandtowelcomeMayorSadiqKhantothethoughtleadershipagenda. Therunuptoyearfivehasbeenuniqueinsomanyways.Long-heldbeliefs, normsandstandardsareunderattackfromtherightandleft.It'shardto imagineamoreturbulentordeeplyconflictedtimesinceDr.MartinLuther KingandtheCivilRightseraofunrestinAmericainthe1960'sortherise againsttheNationalFrontinthe1970's. Withoutquestion,historyrepeatsitself.In1976,EricClaptonsaidEngland hadbecome"overcrowded"andthatBritainshouldvoteforConservative EnochPowelltostopBritainfrombecomingaBlackColony."Getthe foreignersout,getthewogsout,getthecoonsout,"hesaid,and"Keep BritainWhite." Thecounter-punchwasthebirthof'RockAgainstRacism.'ProtestslikeThe Clash,theSexPistolsandSteelPulseallunitingatNationalFrontLeader MartinWebster'shomein1977,andTrafalgarSquareralliesmarked1978. Then2ToneRecordsbroughtblackandwhitestogetherasbandslikeThe Specials,Madness,ElvisCostelloandTheBeatrosetoprominencebecause thelyricsmattered.Nooneimaginedthe2Tonemessageof"Uniteand Fight"wouldbeasneededandresonantnearly40yearslater. Cutto2017.TrafalgarSquareisstillagatheringplace.Nowit'sacogin aglobalprotestwheeltoensurewomen'srightsaresafeguardedinthe aftermathofTrump'selevationfrombrand-builderandconmantoelected leaderofthefreeworld.Clapton'sspeechcitedabovecouldhavejustas easilybeendeliveredin2016duringtheBrexitcampaign.AsTwainsaidso presciently,"Truthisstrangerthanfiction." "It'snowonderthattruth isstrangerthanfiction. Fictionhastomakesense." MarkTwain GLOBAL CHIEF EXECUTIVE Lord Matthew J. Scheckner A WORD FROM GlobalChiefExecutive Yet here we are — optimism undiminished, our sense of what is possible unbounded by border walls. Why? How? Because that's our job. As much as anyone, it is incumbent on us to carry the torch forward. Advertising Week Europe is a big tent uniting the keepers of brands and imagery, the creatives and communicators who shape our daily sensory experience, and the confluence of engineers, content creators and storytellers who define our popular culture. The Week is a time to reflect, recharge, reconnect and to learn from many of the world's best and brightest and celebrate landmarks like the IPA Centenary. So buckle up, dive in and enjoy the journey. A special, heartfelt thanks to Advisory Council Chair, Kathleen Saxton, and all the Council members for your tireless, year-round commitment. To our Stillwell global team led by my business partner Lance Pillersdorf, our U.K. Director Rebecca Eaves who continues to make a world of difference, our dynamic agencies, Gravity Road and Seven Hills, as well as our families — my wife Ila along with Benny and Eliza, and Lance's wife Stacy along with Harper, Lucas and Chase — thanks for all of your unwavering support and putting up with the long nights and late flights. We look forward to seeing you later this year in Tokyo for the second edition of Advertising Week Asia from 29 May – 1 June, in New York City for the 14th edition of Advertising Week 25 – 29 September, in Mexico City 13 – 16 November for the launch of Advertising Week Latin America, and right back here in London in 2018. AWE 2017 3

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