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Introducing The Week Live, a brand new series of fascinating, thought-provoking and inspiring debates. Join Michael Gove, Tony Travers and many more as they discuss some of the biggest topics affecting our world today. Our debut event series are every day at 12.15pm at the Fast Company Stage. Join our live debates every day at 12.15pm at the Fast Company Stage MONDAY 20th MARCH - 12.15pm Never Trust the Press It's not just fake news and the spread of social media that have led us to distrust all the things we read about politics and the economy. As advertisers know all too well with respect to subscription numbers, many magazines and newspapers are adept at massaging the figures. So has even the established press forfeited its claim to accuracy and objectivity? Or should we still accord respect to the major titles, and trust what they have to tell us? TUESDAY 21st MARCH - 12.15pm Westminster is the new Brussels If there's one thing we've learned from 2016, it's that politics grows out of the region in which you live. Greater London didn't vote for Brexit; the northeast did. New York didn't vote Trump; Ohio did. Region matters. Yet despite all the talk here about regional powerhouses, power is still overwhelmingly concentrated in Westminster – raising taxes, control over policy, infrastructure spending. Was it for want of control over these matters that Sunderland and Wolverhampton voted to be rid of Brussels, and can this be achieved without first dismantling some of Westminster's authority? We'll be asking how such a devolution of power could come about. Might it pull the nation apart, or illuminate our nation's talent for self-government? WEDNESDAY 22nd MARCH - 12.15pm The Slogan "Take Back Control" Has A Con At Its Heart Both Donald Trump's "Make America Great Again" campaign and the case for Brexit sold the notion of regaining national independence, of taking back control from multinational bodies and unaccountable technocrats. But in our ferociously interconnected world of complex trade deals, mobile capital and large-scale immigration, isn't that just a big con? Is the appeal to national sovereignty a piece of dangerous nostalgia? Or is it a precious piece of both our national and our democratic heritage, which we lose at our peril? THURSDAY 23rd MARCH - 12.15pm Keep It Real Screens are better than paper; digital better than print; virtual reality more real than reality. We assume the fight is over: that digital has won; that anyone who concerns themselves with the analogue world is a dinosaur. But, really, how backwards are the dinosaurs? Isn't it possible to argue that digital is draining the joy from the lived and tangible experience? Increasingly, it's the live event – like this one at Advertising Week – that matters. It's the distinctive touch of the book, the colour and texture of the artwork that become the experiences that matter most to people. So should we be keeping things real? Live The live debate series from The Week magazine

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