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AWE 2017 6 IT SEEMS LIKE A SEVERAL lifetimes agothatTonyBlairfamouslylaidout theLabourPartyelectionmanifestofor asecondtermwiththecry'Education, education,education'.Whilstitmightfeel theworldhasspunoffitsaxisseveraltimes intheinterveningyears,weatAdvertising WeekEuropeareequallycommittedto theeducationanddevelopmentofthe brightestandthebestyoungtalentinthe advertisingindustry. Mostnotablyin2017,ournewlycreated NewGenprogrammeofcontent,with dedicatedstageandsignificantly discountedDelegatepassprovidesthose intheearlierstagesoftheircareertolearn fromtheindustry'sleadingfigures.Aspart ofthisprogramme,we'redelightedtobe workingwithSherilynandherteamatthe MarketingAcademytorunatwo-dayAWE MarketingAcademyNewGenBootCamp —abespoketasteroftheirmuchlauded scholarshipprogramme. Ourpartnershipwiththecentenarian IPAcontinuesinto2017withtheir ContinuousProfessionalDevelopment programme.It'sanhonourthatourthought leadershipcontentisformallyrecognised ascareerdevelopment,particularlyby anorganisationandteamwithsucha prestigiousreputationfortraining.Myearly yearsinthisindustryasagraduatetrainee atLeoBurnettwereverymuchshapedby theIPAtrainingIreceived(twodecades ago!)andit'saprivilegetobeworkingwith themonceagain. LookingbeyondTheWeekitself,our relationshipwithkeyeducational institutionscontinuestothrive.Our extraordinarybandofvolunteers,who arelargelystudents,areessentialtothe smoothrunningofTheWeekandeach DearDelegates DIRECTOR, ADVERTISING WEEK EUROPE Rebecca Eaves A WORD FROM TheDirector is given the opportunity to sample the great content we have. We've been working with the London College of Communication in particular to support their students' experience of live briefs and the industry into which they will graduate. One hundred second-year students have spent most of their Spring term working on a brief to amplify some of the key themes of The Week and you can see the impressive fruits of their labour on our NewGen stage. And with so many of our partners in the world of quality news and journalism, we're also proud to be working with a talented bunch of recent graduates from City, University of London who will be reporting on the content and key issues across The Week. Looking further into 2017 and beyond, our ambition is to build on these initiatives. Back in September, our advisory group meeting dedicated to creating 'balance' in our content, speaker and delegate profiles identified the need for the industry and Advertising Week to connect with a wider pool of young and older people from a diverse range of backgrounds and this is a personal focus for me in the year ahead. As we mark our fifth birthday this year, we couldn't be more proud of the thought leadership programme lined up. Our hope is that it provides the learning, debate and inspiration from the brightest and the best in the industry that we all need, whatever the stage of our career.

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