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20 THE SHOP APRIL 2017 PERFORMANCE and we've had overwhelming demand for an easy solution to add a properly func- tioning tach in a swap application." The ultimate goal is clean power. "This is always a battle between gov- ernment-driven emissions standards and consumer demands for performance and fuel economy," says Gale Banks, director of corporate communications, Gale Banks Engineering. "The trend is for both the OEMs and the aftermarket to utilize or create innovations and modifications that will increase performance and retain or increase fuel economy, while meeting the ever-more-stringent NOx requirements. These features include twin turbocharging systems, efficient intercoolers, electric superchargers, complex EGR systems, ECU tuning and monitoring, and ultra- high injection pressure." OUTSIDE FACTORS Understanding the unique nature of diesels and diesel owners will help shops create a successful plan of attack. When it comes to outside factors affecting the diesel market, "perhaps the greatest is the economy," Banks notes. "Diesel trucks typically require a larger initial investment than their gasoline coun- terparts, and aftermarket diesel perfor- mance parts—due to their inherent need to be stout—are not inexpensive. Con- sumers understand this, but with the ebb and flow of the economy, there are times when they ignore the long-term benefits or TCO (Total Cost of Ownership), i.e., the lifespan of the engine and fuel economy, versus the initial sticker shock." Nyholm explains that overcoming any initial sticker shock to enjoy the increased benefits of higher-quality parts pays off in the long run. "Using synthetic (oils) in their shop could help reduce warranty claims against their work due to the reduced performance of conventional oils," he says. "Using syn- thetics in your customers' vehicles will be providing your customer with a better- performing product while helping reduce some cost for the shop." Mills agrees that cheaper isn't often better when it comes to diesel performance— and, thankfully, many buyers seem to agree. "We've observed an increase in consumer Diesel Dealings Understanding the unique nature of diesels and diesel owners will help shops create a successful plan of attack. A common thread among diesel owners is the pride they have for their pickups, and the ambition they have to improve them. New technology means easy solutions for upgrades diesel owners are look- ing for. (Photo courtesy AutoMeter)

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