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APRIL 2017 PRECISION ENGINE 9 PRECISION ENGINE OIL PUMP Our block came equipped with steel billet main caps. The rear main cap features the mounting base for the oil pump. However, no dowel pins were supplied to register the pump to the cap. The pin holes in the cap were measured at 0.02465 inches. I installed a pair of 0.250-by- 0.625-inch steel pins to the cap (the pins actually measure 0.248 inches in diameter and provided an excellent interference fit to the main cap). The Melling P/N 10553ST high-volume pump is secured to the main cap using an ARP stud kit, P/N 230-7004. Prior to installing the pump, I removed the cover and applied lube to the gears, then rein- stalled the cover with the two fasteners adjacent to the pickup port. I then installed the Moroso pickup screen P/N 24170 (recommended for our Moroso oil pan), interference-fit to the port, and reinstalled the remaining two fasteners to the pump cover, which also serve to secure the pick- up's bracket (all four pump cover screws were torqued to 106 inch-pounds). The Melling intermediate shaft was snapped onto the pump drive and lubed. The pump/pickup/shaft assembly was then installed, tightening the ARP pump stud nut to 55 foot-pounds, with nut-to-stud threads lubed with ARP Ultra lube. Because of the location of the Moroso pickup, access to the stud nut required the use of an offset torque wrench exten- sion. Our torque wrench length (center of head to center of grip) was 14 inches and the extension was 2 inches in length. In order to compensate for the added leverage length with the extension, my digital torque wrench was set at 48.12 foot-pounds. STAY TUNED In the next installment, we'll complete the assembly by discussing the Trick Flow cyl- inder heads and MAHLE gaskets, pushrod measurement and COMP rocker arm setup, along with the Fluidampr crank damper, Moroso oil pan, Moroso and Fragola coolant plumbing, custom valve cover setup, and the Holley intake manifold and carburetor. MIKE MAVRIGIAN owns and operates Birchwood Automotive in Creston, Ohio, where he builds custom engines, street rods and performs vehicle res- torations. He has written thou- sands of technical articles, as well as nine books on automotive technology during the past 30 years. Mike can be reached at 330-435-6347 or Visit Birchwood's website at www.birchwood- Our Cloyes timing set was custom-de- signed to accommodate the 0.134" raised cam tunnel. Chain slack was minimal for superior timing accuracy.

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