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34 THE SHOP APRIL 2017 RESTYLING/AFTERMARKET ACCESSORIES rado/Canyon is gaining some ground, but they are almost as expensive as a full-size truck, so I don't think their numbers are huge. The trucks are maybe 70- to 80-per- cent new models, but we do see some used as well. Used is a huge market. KEN GAMLEN Gamlen's Truck Caps & Accessories, Cicero, New York: Here in central New York, the most popular one is probably Chevy. Ford and Dodge are close seconds. Then once in a while Nissans and Toyotas come in, too. Those are the dominant ones. MATT MOON Custom Truck Accessories, Sacramento, California: It changes—right now we're doing more Dodges than anything. Dodges and Toyotas right now are pretty popular. Last year it was nothing but Fords. We used to be able to gauge it, but it's crazy right now. The Tacoma is really popular; we do more Tacomas than we do Tundras—but they sell twice as many, too. The F-150 is a popular truck, so we see a lot of those as well. We're seeing a lot of older trucks, too, which is kind of odd. We don't usually get into that, but every once in a while you'll get this run of people who just paid off their truck, so it's a five-year-old truck and now they're spending a bunch of money on it—money they didn't have when they were paying on it. CHUCK MORRISON Truck'n America, Waldorf, Maryland: What we see the most of are the F-150s and GM products—Silverado and Sierra. The Dodge Ram and Toyota Tundra in our area are probably about the same. We're seeing a lot of the new trucks coming in for prelimi- nary things—floor mats, bedliners—just-got- my-new-car-want-to-take-care-of-it kind of thing. Then two or three weeks later, after the sticker shock wears off, we start getting the tonneau cover or the truck cap sales. About 25 percent are used trucks. With the used trucks, most of the time, I see a younger crowd. It's product-driven, really. They're here to get the hitch that didn't come on it or the sidebar that didn't come on it—or the factory stuff didn't last that long, so they're replacing it or upgrading or tricking out a little bit. TS: Do you carry only one, or several different cap/tonneau brands? SMITH: Right now we're selling just LEER. In our history, we've been a Century dealer, but LEER is our prominent brand. FAIRCLOTH: I'd say six (different brands). We're going to get you the good, quality ones that are going to cause the least war- ranty issues in the long run. GHERARDI: We focus primarily on Extang and TruXedo tonneau covers; but if I get a special request on something, my local distributors carry pretty much anything somebody wants. Caps, we use the Raider line, made by the TAG group. The nice thing about cap sales is you wind up also getting the running boards, the mud flaps sales— you put a whole package together for them. GAMLEN: We only handle A.R.E. caps. My store also has other types of tonneau covers available, too. MOON: Our major brand is LEER. We've got six stores, so out of them all we prob- ably carry about every brand. Our Nevada store carries LEER and SnugTop. The nice thing is for most trucks they make about six different models for it, which pretty much covers the gamut. I can get a SnugTop if I want to, but LEER is pretty much it—they cover the whole country and a lot of brands don't. Nobody around here wants to wait six to eight weeks for a camper shell. Caps on display. (Photo courtesy Custom Trucks) Tonneaus on display. (Photo courtesy Custom Trucks) B AC K ON TOP

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