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36 THE SHOP APRIL 2017 RESTYLING/AFTERMARKET ACCESSORIES MORRISON: We're a platinum dealer for TAG. In three of our stores we carry LEER, and three other stores we carry Century—all under the TAG umbrella. TS: What are the most popular types of accessories? SMITH: Protected storage, number one; they want to be able to carry things secure from the weather or theft; be it golf clubs, kids' ball stuff, etc. We have a surprising number of people who just want to carry their animals in it. Then again, we do a lot of racks on top of these caps, so people can carry kayaks, bikes, canoes. There are some new options out there: lighting, electrical accessories, electric door locks—those kinds of things. LEER sells what they call a LEER Locker, which is a pull-out drawer that mounts to the ceiling that keeps things out of sight. We do quite a bit of work for professional fishermen and they like that overhead storage bin. FAIRCLOTH: For camper tops, a sliding front window is number one; roof racks are pretty popular; and lighting, on tonneau covers as well as caps. GHERARDI: Most caps are built to order. Do you want a framed back window or solid? You can get sliding windows on the sides with screens, or you can get tip-out windows that are frameless. You can get them carpeted on the inside; you can get fishing pole holders; you can get a clothes rack... there's a million different things. Commercial cap sales are decent, too. You can add toolboxes, extra lighting, (or) a ladder rack if you need to. All that is part of the cap purchase. Everybody has a dif- ferent want or need. Showroom product displays, sample mecha- nisms and literature. (Photo courtesy LINE-X of Knoxville) Classic trucks (at left) add interest to the show- room, alongside acces- sories for the latest truck models. (Photo courtesy Truck'n America) A wide selection of options and accessories that can be seen and touched make the process easier for customers. (Photo courtesy Truck'n America) Racks for skis, bikes and other gear are some of the most popular add-on accessories for truck caps and tonneaus. (Photo courtesy RockyMounts) B AC K ON TOP

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