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50 THE SHOP APRIL 2017 T he shop is located in Hayward, California, a city in the East Bay area of San Francisco. Besides ongoing work in the installation bays, a few dozen more cars are outside, either awaiting a space inside or to be accessorized right where they sit in the parking lot. It's a big enough shop for anything and it's showing no sign of slowing down, in spite of Manny Moncada's dire predictions from the mid-1990s: "I told my dad 20 years ago, 'we need to get out of this busi- ness; it's not going to be around.'" So much for crystal ball pronouncements... SPECIAL DELIVERIES Autohaus Automotive specializes in electronics—all kinds of in-vehicle elec- tronics—but is looking to broaden its horizons. "We have different segments of our busi- ness," explains Moncada, which includes a retail storefront where walk-in customers can examine accessories such as leather seats, sunroofs and audio systems—as well as a new section of truck accessories that includes running boards, brush guards, spray-in bedliners, racks, toolboxes, and other items truck buyers either need or want. Besides the retail storefront segment, Autohaus is also in the expediting busi- ness—providing car dealers with all the electronics, leather, sunroofs, window tint, paint protection and similar upgrades today's car buyers are seeking. That segment works closely with dealer finance departments, which help new-car buyers roll all the accessories and options into the financing, making it possible for RESTYLING/AFTERMARKET ACCESSORIES Autohaus Automotive occupies what was once a Cadillac/GMC dealership in Hayward, California. 50 THE SHOP APRIL 2017 MAKING CONNECTIONS Autohaus sticks around by staying up on the latest trends. By Eddie Wieber

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