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APRIL 2017 THE SHOP 53 knocking on doors, and referrals," he says. More leads are now coming from social media sites like Facebook and Instagram; and for that reason, updates to the website ( and social media are in progress and plans to pursue targeted campaigns using devices such as Google AdWords are also in the works. Still, Moncada's challenges in the retail business relate to getting the cars out day- to-day. And regarding that, he echoes the sentiments of many shop owners: "It is very hard to find installers. As we're growing, we are bringing people along and training from within, but still for us to find fresh new blood is very difficult. "Every year it's something different," he continues. "Car-to-car communication is something we're looking forward to; it's turning out to be pretty big. Plus, the feds are mandating it for new cars, so I think there's going to be a market for retrofits." But the biggest challenges of all are keeping up with how cars are changing. "If I had a magic wand..." he says. Or maybe a crystal ball? Jeremy, preparing for a window tint install in the shop. RESTYLING/AFTERMARKET ACCESSORIES A sunroof installation in progress. Fabrication of a speaker housing in progress.

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