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DC_March 11, 2017

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Contraception » New protocol a danger to women's health Lecture Series » Learn about all things (Father) Paul Scalia Frassati » New Catholic classical academy hosts open house Ut unum sint » Archbishop Aquila to join Catholic-Lutheran prayer service VOLUME XCIII - NO. 4 | 116 YEARS OF SERVICE TO THE GOSPEL | MARCH 11-24, 2017 | @DenverCatholic | | E ver since the Women's March in D.C. on Jan. 21, the topic of feminism is abuzz in both the mainstream media as well as the Church. But for the Church, the woman has always been essential, and especially since St. John Paul II's pontifi cate, the conversation about her inherent femi- ninity and her place in society has been prominent. With the recent launch of the His- panic division of Endow, the Aquinas Institute's Great Debate tackling the topic, "Is the Church anti-woman?" on Feb. 23, and an upcoming women's con- ference March 25, it's evident that the question of who women are and what their role is in the Church is taking deeper root. "RIGHT" FEMINISM What is the proper way to understand true feminism, then, in light of the Church's What does the Church say about feminism? BY THERESE AAKER @ThereseAaker » Why Green? » • Denver Catholic's homage to its roots • Announcing improved digital archives

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