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BROOKS RUNNING PUSHING THE LIMITS: ULTRAMARATHON Don't be disheartened by the Olympics ending. You can still get your jog on! Imagine you've just run the length of the London Marathon, only to be told that finishing and you've hardly reached the halfway point of your race. That's just to give you an idea of a distance you would find yourself subjected to when competing in an ultramarathon; an extreme long distance running event that is the greatest test of an athlete's strength and endurance you can find in the world of competitive sport. you're nowhere near Competitors are subjected to a variety of courses, terrains and on the event: timed races obstacles, Brooks Running Website: depending include 6, 12 and 24 hour races and multiday races that cover over 1000 miles. Distance events range from the shorter 50/100 km race to the endearing 50/100- mile race, many of which feature dirt roads, cross country rogaines, mountain paths, paved and unpaved terrain, as well as a number of severe course obstacles like inclement weather, elevation change or rugged terrain. There are many European competitions year if you wish to sign up… best not forget your Brooks trainers. held each Find your nearest Runners Need store & order a pair of Brooks Trainers Now: FIVE FUN WAYS TO KEEP FIT (YES I DID SAY FUN!) 1. Run Make a wicked playlist that will make you want to move your feet, then head out onto the streets and run (or fast walk) to somewhere that you really like or somewhere you've never been before but want to go to. Once you get there take a break, have a drink or a wander round then run back. This means there's a reason for your run and it won't seem like such a chore. 2. Do a dance Or another fun activity such as indoor rock climbing, which is brilliant for strengthening core muscles. Even dancing on a night out can be a work out, (but obviously drinking doesn't help!). Dance classes can be really fun and are a perfect thing to do with a friend. Or even just get a dance work out dvd and whack out some moves in the comfort of your own home. Doing this with a friend can be hilarious. 3. Roller-skating or bike riding Both are really good for muscle building and roller-skating Five best places to run in London 1. Embankment. There is nothing like going for a jog near a river, but not just any river; the wonderfully spectacular River Thames. The landscape is incredible as it is, but more so in the evening when the sun is setting and you can really take in the sights of London. Definitely bring a camera. 2. Hyde Park. One of the most popular places to go for a run, and you can definitely see why. With vast and gorgeous greenery, has become a hotspot for eager runners. Get involved! the park 3. Little Venice. A real pretty place to run. Have a gander down the canal and take a peek at the array of houseboats down the waterside. Picturesque. 4. Richmond Park. One of the biggest and best parks in London.There is a large population of wildlife there with a large population of deer that have become a popular attraction there. In addition to that, Olympic rowing champion James Cracknell is a big fan. What's stopping you? 5. Primrose Hill. Although not the biggest park, it still qualifies on our list of places to run. Why? Because it's fashionable, quirky and caters to runners who enjoy a jog with secret hidden passages. Fancy that. 11 10 PAIRS OF BROOKS RUNNING SHOES TO GIVE AWAY has become increasingly trendy. Both are good ways of exploring your local area. And why not take a picnic and have a stop along the way, a perfect way to spend a day (or hour). 4. Join a team Team games such as netball and five-a-side football are re- What with the Olympics around the corner and constant reminders of the gym and keeping fit, you might be completely fed up with anything that involves running. But here at Guestlist Network, as we are oh so nice, we are STILL of- fering 10 pairs of the amazing Brooks Running Shoes to give away. The perfect reason to get out and about on the streets and in the gym this summer. And if winning a pair wasn't excit- ing enough, each pair will be individually fitted at one of the 14 Runners Need stores located across London (listed below). For your chance to win just answer the following correctly: When was Brooks Sports founded? a) 1910 b) 1912 c) 1914 ally fun and there are always plenty of teams playing non- competitively but just for fun. You'll find info at local leisure centres and take a friend along for a whole heap of laughs. Not only will you be keeping fit, it's a perfect way of meet- ing new people and will improve other skills such as team- work and communication. 5. Borrow a dog (or a small child) The likelihood is that you will have a friend with one of these Email your answer to with "Brooks" in the subject box. Whilst you're here why not check out the Brooks Running website London Stores things so offer to take them to the park once or twice a week. It's a good reason to go for a walk and they will most likely have you running round in circles or chasing after them. So a great way of keeping fit without even thinking about it. Camden Town Canary Wharf Fulham Great Portland Street Holborn Kensington King's Cross Monument Moorgate Southwark Bridge Spitalfields Victoria Wandsworth Waterloo Bridge @RunnersNeed

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