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34 HOUSE / TECHNO Issue 42 / 2012 JULIE MARGHILANO Being a classically trained musician playing the violin and a hot DJ and producer this lady has skills and continues to break boundaries. ADE ADEOSUN | When I met you a long time ago you told me that you started playing violin at a very young age can you tell our readers a bit more about the beginning of your musical journey? Ok well my father's a musician, my mom was a singer, showgirl, so I was kinda born into a musical family, yea and so basically growing up in America you get to a certain point where you can take a musical instrument in normal schooling, like in everyday school. At that time I wanted to play the drums (laughs) I'm laughing because that's what wanted to do but I wasn't allowed so I had to play the violin when I was 5 until I was 8, I liked the Violin but I wanted to play another I but you obviously wanted to play the drums,what happened? instrument Yea I sucked at it basically (laughs), I was terrible and then actually the violin teacher, she knew my father quite well and she came to me and sat me down and said "listen it's a really hard instrument but why don't you try and play the violin" and so I said alright and it was kind of one of those things that I was able to play right away, it was kind of weird. So you just picked it up just like that. Yea I picked it up quite easily so then I started playing violin in school and in the orchestra and yea that's basically how I started to play violin. Ok how old were you then? Like 8? I was 10! Wow, so what kind of music were you listening to in your early years? What were you listening to around the time you started playing at 10? So what made you decide that you wanted to make electronic music? Well, let's see, I guess curiosity just to see. Well I was playing violin for a while before I started DJing. I was playing violin in Italy with some DJ's and I met up with a guy named Ivan Iacobucci, who's a DJ from Italy and we decided to make a track together, which was my first try of making any kind of music. And I would actually bring him all kinds of music to hear, so I think it was just the Traktor from my violin. So basically I'm running my violin through ableton to have different kinds of effects that I can use. Then I use the CD player of iMix, I don't use the sync button (laughs). Then I'm using all of the loop possibilities from the Traktor so basically I'm using 4 channels almost the whole time. So what would you say is so special about Berlin? I mean obviously it's a little bit more than just music isn't it? THINGS THAT I WAS ABLE TO PLAY RIGHT AWAY, IT WAS KIND OF WEIRD THE VIOLIN WAS KIND OF ONE OF THOSE Umm well I was obviously into American rock and pop kinda stuff, the sort of stuff you listen to on the radio, I remember my first sort of dance music was George Clinton and all that kind of stuff. That was big in America in that time, Kraftwork and I was really into The Cure and Bauhaus, my little dark punk era. I'm trying to remember, I was listening to a lot of different stuff. Also because I was growing up with my family that were all really into music so I would listen to a lot of old classic rock'n'roll when I was young, getting turned onto Pink Floyd and the Doors. A lot of variety always. I can't remember that far back very well. a natural process of wanting to make something because I was playing on top of other people's things and I was just wanting to create something of my own which I think is just a natural process at a certain point when you're playing music I suppose, well for me it was anyway. What's your usual set up when you perform in a club? Well actually I use ableton and I use Traktor also. I use both programmes. I use ableton with the audio 10 card, I run my violin through the mic entrance and I re-wire so that I use the loop machine of Oh yea there's a lot more than music, music is a big part of it. Berlin for me is kind of like the last real democracy on the planet. It's the last completely free place where the people actually decide what's going to go on here. When the people don't want something they get out on the street and they protest, it's a city that's liveable in Europe. There aren't many cities left in Europe that are economical and it just seems like when I go to any other city now I get shocked about the prices that are out of control and it just seems like Berlin is the only place that's kind of kept its brand. It's realistic living where everything works. There are so many different cultures, art, music, theatre, everything that you could possibly want. Ok so a good mutual friend of ours Lorenzo Panico, has booked you for Big Vinyl Circus Party, what can people expect from you? Oh my God, I don't know, we'll have to see. To be honest I haven't really thought about it yet. think I'm going to be playing a lot of my own stuff and a lot of things I've been working on lately. I don't want to say too much about it, I guess people can just come down and check it out! I like to surprise people, I And finally, if you were banished to a desert island and you had to take 3 famous people, who would they be and why would you take them? They can be dead or alive. Hmm, let's see, might be better to take my best friends but if we have to take famous people yea? I guess it would be cool to have Quentin Tarantino, he's the man, I guess Bach because for me he's a genius as far as classical stuff goes I love him and the third one I don't know. I'm trying to think of someone comical because that would probably be a good idea. You got your film producer he can produce stuff, you got your musician he can play music so maybe someone funny. Let's say Miss Jools, she's famous enough! For more information check out

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