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Issue 42 / 2012 SLUM VILLAGE HIP HOP / RNB 37 7 Serena interviewed the veterans hip-hop Slum Village at their Jazz Cafe gig in Camden. These guys are cool, down to earth and represent true hip-hop. Serena | Serena: Ok so we've just seen your performance and there was crazy vibes, you said earlier that you have been here at jazz cafe 7 times is that right? Young RJ, T3 and Illa J. Something like that, yes. What is it you like about London so much that just keep you coming back? T3: Erm... lemme think about that, fish and chips? Noo, the energy the energy of fanatical - they call out every song that you thought that nobody cared about and they come in here with a list. So they expect you to, if they have a list of 10 you gotta hit at least six or seven. Otherwise they'll scream like YOU SUCK... aarghh WHERES THIS SONG? the crowd! People in the UK are I was screaming a song you didn't play! Really which one? Once upon a time!! Oh shit! see, this is exactly what I'm talking about. Would you be able to give me a rendition of this now? *beat boxes the beat* Thank you, my life is complete. Anyway theres been alot of drama in this group, people leaving, two long I mean people just need to know we're still making music and we're still performing and we keep going, we keep grinding. At the end of the day all that matters is everybody played their part and everybody had their time that's all part of the brand it's what happened. We're happy with these things. What about your relationship with Elzah? Man he's an ex member and my thoughts on El. bro do what you're doing, we got our differences and we So you ain't on talking terms no get togethers like Thanks Giving. Man you don't wanna know the last time I saw El. (T3 burst into laughter) Oh, you gotta tell me now. Have you thought about adding any new members? Well, it's going to stay in this formation for a while. PEOPLE JUST NEED TO KNOW WE'RE STILL MAKING MUSIC AND WE'RE STILL PERFORMING AND WE KEEP GOING, WE KEEP GRINDING. deaths! What's next on this roller- coster ride which is Slum Village? Music and more music, we're working on the Dirty Slums 2, and were a group we've been around for 10 years! Relationships don't even last that ain't gonna patch it up, but bro, do what you do we ain't gonna be mad at it. With the whole El thing he had his time and now he's doing El. Now, if you ask them they'll have something different to say. So no female members? I thought about it I really thought about it. But nahh we like it the way it is. Have you seen anyone in the UK you're interested in collaborating with? Yeah, today. This guy Omar. Big up, Omar! Anyone else caught your eye? Man, Jessie J has mad vocals, she can sing, yo. I guess you'll be making phone calls later. Illa J, you're Dilla's brother. How does it feel to be re-living your brother's memory on stage? You make it clear to the crowd and make it evident that he's well remember. For me, sometimes I look in the mirror and a flash of my brother comes up and me and my bro derive a lot of genetics and we share that. Like my dad had these mad genetics my bro had it and I do, I'm repping my bro and my dad even before he died he knew I music and he said bro do your own thing enjoy your own thing. and even then me and him were representing what my dad gave us. liked Follow Slum Village on twitter @slumvillage

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