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42 DRUM N BASS / DUBSTEP Issue 42 / 2012 CASPA JOHNO| How you doing? What's going on mate, I'm good, how you doing? I'm good, man. So straight off the bat, your sound is always changing, from comparing your old releases to more recent ones, like last summer's 'Out for the first time' as well as your E.P. at the end of August, and then earlier this summer we had the 'Sellout' E.P., so how does this differentiation in sound always come about? Um, well I think I just get bored, to be honest. thing because if you do a certain sound you get sort of put in a box where that's what you're known for, which is kind of a good thing in a way because you get a real hard following for that sound. But I just like to keep it moving, I don't like to be pigeonholed, you know? I mean, I do dubstep obviously, but I don't like to be put in one style, like just hard or melodic or housey. I like to make everything, and for me it's really important to just keep trying new things. Being someone who DJs quite a lot in the scene and puts a bit of music out, it's good to push things forward and take chances because that's what keeps you at the top of the game: just keep trying stuff out and be the guy who takes the risk, because people who take risks make big changes in whatever genre. So that's what I wanna do: take risks and make something that's different from the next thing. So the next thing I put out after 'War' gonna be different as well. It's a good thing and a bad is And, like I said, it is a good thing and a bad thing, but then I think people kind of get to know you for making all kinds of music and respect you as an artist. And, obviously, on the 'Sellout' EP you had 'Room 204'. Would you ever consider putting out a full garage E.P.? If it feels right and I enjoy it, then I would put it out. It always has to be me… I wouldn't put out something because people want me to put it out, because they like a certain track. I would always do what I feel needs to go out and what's best for me, or what I'm more into. I just wanna put out stuff that I like, it's as simple as that. I don't wanna be a person who puts out music on stage he's a whole different person, but off stage he's a great guy. He's been very supportive, up for being a part of it and doing press. Keith has fully backed the project, and I respect that. Especially someone of his calibre, who's done a lot of music over the years. But yeah, it's been really good to work with him, and growing up, I was listening to those guys on tapes when I was like nine or ten, so to be able to work with Keith has been amazing. The video for it is out right now, and it works perfectly as the visual to that song. What was the filming like, seeing as it was such an intense video? Yeah, I had a few scripts for the video, and the guy who sent it through had done some short films that are quite eerie and quite dark, and I liked the colouring and the style. I just felt he it's like 'should I go for a major or do my own thing independently?'. I've done my own thing independently for years, and still run Dub Police and Sub Soldiers; they're my babies and my labels and we put out a load of music. But to take it to the next level, it was only right to work with someone like Positiva Virgin: they understand underground music and that's what really got me with those guys and that label. They've got it, they understand it. What's going on with your labels at the moment, any upcoming releases? Yeah, Subscape has done a remix of my smashing it at the moment. Trolley Snatcha's getting ready to release his new EP. Who else we got… The Others, their first single off their first album is getting ready to come out. There's a track 'War', he's absolutely It's good to push things forward and take chances because that's what keeps you at the top of the game. because it's what people wanna hear, or because it's gonna make me more money or it's gonna get me more bookings. I just think it's about putting out music that you believe in and enjoy, and that's always what I do. August 12th, you have the single 'War' coming out, as you've mentioned, featuring the front man from The Prodigy - Keith Flint. What was it like working with this legend? Yeah it was really interesting. He's a really nice guy, very chilled. When he's could bring something to the track that could fit it. But when he did, he absolutely smashed it. I'm really pleased with the video, everyone had seen it they said that it's different and very powerful, and I think that's what it's about: powerful music and powerful visuals. and once An idol of yours, Keith Flint, but on top of this, this was your first major label release. Can fans expect any full lengths in the future? Yeah, I hope so. I have to say, even though I'm signed to a major now, lot coming out, there's so much good music about. It really helps me with my DJ sets when I'm slowing on writing. So yeah, there's loads of stuff coming out on Dub Police. Just before we go, what's it like for you being at the root of the genre to where you are now? It's like the biggest thing in the world! It's interesting to see it. From like when I first started and I used to go round the shop, taking my vinyl in and they'd be like 'what is this?', and I'd be like 'I Caspa's new EP : /war-remixes-ep/id543418890 don't know what it's called, but do you like it?', and they would say 'yeah, we'll take a few copies. Going from that to warming up for Tiesto in Belfast, it's stuff I'd never thought I'd do. I never thought I'd get that big… playing main stage at Sonar festival between Dizzee Rascal and Chemical Brothers in front of 50,000 people. I never thought the scene would get to that stage. Things still surprise me. I think it's the power of the internet; things move so quickly now, and dubstep blew up with the ride and the social network of Facebook and Twitter, all that kind of stuff, and that's really helped the genre a lot, and Youtube. It's all helped it spread a lot quicker than other scenes, so yeah, it is crazy to see it grow and be so huge. It's been nice to ride the wave as well, you know: putting in time and effort when there's no money involved and you're just spending money, so it's good to take a little something from it. For all the fans at home what's the best way to keep up with everything Capsa? Just follow me on Twitter. I just talk rubbish on there and post pictures of food and stuff… I eat a lot of food. loads of Haha. Cool, dude. Thanks for your time. Cheers, bye.

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