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Issue 42 / 2012 DJ MARKY DRUM N BASS / DUBSTEP 43 I don't want to copy other drum and bass nights so I try and do my own thing, something different, something interesting. EMMA MAW | Obrigada... I know a little portuguese! Oh...Obrigado! So, you're here to celebrate your 50th release. It must be such a big achievement? I'm feeling hungry haha i'm joking it's mad, really great! You're playing at Fabric tonight celebrate with your night - Marky & Friends. You have been running this for quite a while, haven't you? to to do a compilation for Fabric. I tried to mix it up and make the CD different. A lot of mix CD's over the last 10 years I have heard are so heavy and that wasn't what I wanted to do so that's why I mixed it up. Bryan Gee and the whole V Records crew brought you over, have you taken in or learnt anything from those guys? Yeah, I started at The End Club, then moved to Fabric and it's been a really successful night. I try and mix up the lineups so I've had different guests like Mix Master Mike and Jazzanova, mixed with drum & bass so it's very interesting in my point of view. I try and create a different atmosphere, I don't want to copy other drum and bass nights so I try and do my own thing, something different, something interesting. It's been on for four years now and I really enjoy it, I really love it. With the 50th release are you also going to be playing at a few festivals this summer? Yeah Rhythm in Cambridge. It's my first time at a festival but I think it's gonna be really good, I'm really looking forward to the gig in St Petersburg in Russia, too. You also have some new tracks coming out that we are looking forward to hearing? I've got a couple of new releases by different artists like Dramatik & DB Audio. It sounds like old, good-looking stuff. I like that golden era of drum and bass, that transition between the dark to the mellow atmospheric stuff. I love that kind of transition so I'm always trying to play music like that, a lot of good things. I have my own track out 'Ya Thang / You Know' that I'm releasing on my label Innerground Records. I'm also working on a few house tracks. So, you're from Brazil. Is that where you live now? Yes I live in Brazil I find that it's very similar to London. I have seen you play a few times and Yeah, I mean Bryan Gee heard me play when I was playing at a small gig in my hometown Sao Paulo, Brazil and said why don't you come to London and play a set over there for me? So I was so happy but one thing I'm not grateful for with Bryan Gee is that he taught me bad English (laughs). No I'm really grateful about Bryan, Frost, Goldie, Total Science all the people who have helped me over the years. Can you remember the first gig that you did in London? Yeah, the first gig was Mass in Brixton, I played 9pm-10pm, so very early! Then Grooverider was late and Oliver and Bryan said "Marky can you play now?" and I said "Yes". So I played and there were no dubplates just records and the crowd went mental. The next day everyone was going 'who is this guy, who is this guy, where did he come from?' And that was ten years ago and ten years have passed and it's gone so quick, it's crazy. So is there any new music that you're feeling right now? Yes, I still really love Calibre, to me he's number one. Also I'm really into this new, really different stuff. It's not dubstep it's more like an electronica crossover like a guy called Lone and a guy from R&S records, too. Some really lovely stuff. I like Linkwood as well, it's a bit more housey, like deep house and for me Julio Bashmore is killing it. He is absolutely fantastic, just blowing my mind. Lots of new rtists, I think Dramatik & DB Audio have made some fantastic music. Recreating the atmospheric style that LTJ Bukem created a few years ago and are paving the way for new artists just like Bukem did for our generation, it's very nice. I have to ask about feijoada! I tried it in Brazil and have to say I wasn't too keen! Ahhh yeah I love this! I love this, how can you not? I love the ribs, sausage and the beans of course. you have so much energy, where does it all come from? I have DJ'd since I was 12 years old. I have a lot of passion for music I love this and I really wanna show my passion for it. I give a lot of energy to my sets and the people always give it back, it's like an exchange and I want to teach the crowd about good music. You must have been so happy with the response to your FabricLive mix? It was on repeat in our office and got completely rinsed out! Yeah, it's always been a dream of mine And the caipirinha? Yeah, of course the caipirinha!! Haha. 7 In celebration of the landmark fiftieth release on his Innerground Records label, DJ Marky is giving away a track for free as a thank you to fans. You can stream 'Everything' on the Innerground Records soundcloud and cop the free download over on their facebook page now. Free download:

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