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46 INDIE / ROCK Issue 42 / 2012 NEWTON FAULKNER With the release of his Number One album 'Write It On Your Skin', we caught up with the BRIT Award nominee and hugely talented young artist to talk his second chart topping album. Holly | So your new album 'Write It On Your Skin' has been released, what can we expect on there that differs from the sound on 'Hand Built by Robots' and 'Rebuilt By Humans?' to hear It's just a different animal for a number of reasons, mainly just from the amount of time its been between the first and second album. I don't feel like anything has changed within myself, though, because I am doing the same three things: travelling, doing gigs and lots of promotion. It's weird, you do a couple of albums and you learn different things from both of them. I probably learnt more from the second than the first in a lot of ways. Also, between the second and the third, I've been gigging a lot, it has been three I tried to get something put out last year, but it would have been a very different album though, as things change over time, but I was well up for getting something out and when the second album came out it didn't really fit into album doesn't give much away in terms of what the music is all about, where did the title come from? Well it was an idea I've had for so long, I think I had the verses down I wrote fifteen tracks on my own and fifteen tracks with my brother. years of solid work, but it has been so worth it. Do you think this has taken a bit longer to write and produce than your first two tracks? the musical spectrum, it was really urban and nothing else was really getting a look in. So the title of your new album 'Write it on Your Skin' which is also the title of a track on the even before the second album, I loved them to bits but I couldn't find a chorus that worked. I wrote fifteen tracks on my own and fifteen tracks with my brother, we co-wrote so many choruses but none of them worked. The ones that are on there now are written between me and my brother, who is really cool.. So, the title of your second album 'Rebuilt By Humans' is the result of a bad accident you had with your wrist, how did damaging your wrist affect your second album and why? That was my dad's idea. My dad sent me so many texts and they were all completely ridiculous, he had just retired and he was trying to annoy me so that's where it came from. He sent it through and I originally thought it was stupid, but there you go! Singles 'Dream Catch Me' and 'I Need Something' off 'Hand built by Robots' were and continue to be huge tracks, likewise with 'If This is It' on 'Rebuilt by Humans' is a catchy and big selling track. Is this the thing that you aim to produce when writing your albums or do they just come naturally? I don't know, really. I just try and make good music, the first album went really well and then the second album didn't work for a number of reasons. It didn't fit into the radio, but I am so happy with the end result of 'Write It On Your Skin'. Write It On Your Skin is out now. For more information check out:

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