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Issue 42 / 2012 ALBUM OF THE MONTH THE VIEW INDIE / ROCK 47 INDIE ARTIST OF THE MONTH BEN FOLDS FIVE 7 The Dundee foursome are back with yet another belter The View are back with their fourth album 'Cheeky For A Reason'. The album very much combats that classic indie rock sound and is lyrically great. It's been awhile since we have heard from The View but they certainly are back with a bang. Whilst the record entails much of the same sound that we have heard on the 3 previous albums and by the Dundee boys own admission is largely about birds, drinking and fighting, it still works. If it isn't broken, don't fix it. The album is now available to buy. After two prior flirtations with reunion, the first a live show in 2008 and the second a recorded unification on Ben Folds' 'The Best Imitation of Myself: A Retrospective', 2012 has seen Ben Folds Five officially reform. Being excited about 'The Sound of the Life of the Mind' is an irksome admission lifestyles reconciled themselves with effusive thought, indie rock with jazz-influenced pia- no passages. Coming 12 years after a reportedly amicable split, the band have teased new single 'Do It Anyway' and stated that 2 albums worth of material has been written. It gives little away, and it'll be interesting to see if the band re- turn to the sarcastic humour and irony of 'All is Fair in Love', 'Kate' and the wondrous 'Bat- tle of Who Could Care Less', where student 12 NEW RELEASES JESSIE WARE Devotion (PMR) (UNIVERSAL MUSIC CANADA) YEASAYER Fragrant World (SECRETLY CANDADIAN) RAZORBLADE SUITCASE Bush (INTERSCOPE RECORDS) THE VACCINES Come of Age (COLUMBIA RECORDS) THE DARKNESS Hot Cakes (MUST DESTROY) SPECTOR Enjoy it While it Lasts Or it could be the more infrequent moments of introverted beauty that flavour the new record; 'Brick', after all, was the band's big- gest hit, charting at #19 in the US, whilst 'Phi- losophy' and 'Evaporated' remained huge fan favourites. Most likely though, 'Army' and its broad, nostalgic self-aware- ness will be the order of the day. Age caught is that the pop-styled up with the former champion of alternative- college-rock geek chic, and I'm expecting the same of the reunited 3-piece. Their talent and self-awareness will undoubt- edly keep me excited regardless. Bring on 'The Sound of the Life of the Mind', and bring on more "punk rock for sissies". The band's new album will undoubetdly split music lovers as they have constitently contin- ued to do for years now but for fans of Ben Folds Five the new release will be recieved only as good news. KARINE POLWART Traces (HEGRI MUSIC) AIDEN GRIMSHAW Misty Eye (SYCO) TWO DOOR CINEMA CLUB Beacon (KITSUNE MUSIC) ALANIS MORISETTE Havoc and Bright Lights (MAVERICK RECORDS) AEROSMITH Music From Another Dimension (COLUMBIA RECORDS) THE SPECIALS More....or less: The Specials live (2 TONE RECORDS)

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