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30 THE SUBLIMATION REPORT • Spring 2017 • W hen it comes to the sublimation business, it's the images that matter most. Whether it's a corporate logo, an iconic or family picture, a cool design, or a simple plaque, the images you imprint onto your sub- strates are what make your products spe- cial. They're also what get people excited about buying from you and enable you to command premium prices. This means that getting the right colors and the best image output possible is important. Getting the technical aspects of digital design and the creativity you come up with to address customer needs are only half of the equation to master. The other half deals with printing and pressing your artwork onto the substrate and having the end-product look stunning. There are a lot of factors that come into play here, such as the quality of transfer paper and substrate, optimal settings for pressing, environmental conditions (temperature, humidity, cleanliness, etc.), color modes, profiles, software… the list goes on and on. While all of these are important to consider, the inks you choose is one of the most critical keys to cracking the code for outstanding subli- mation prints. Let's take a look at some key consid- erations for choosing sublimation ink to decorate products for your customers. THE PRINTER – INK – PRODUCT CONNECTION Nowadays, your options for sublima- tion ink sets are varied depending on what type of printer you have, which will also Choosing the Right Ink for the Job determine what kinds of prints and prod- ucts you can offer your customers. Four-color printers with CMYK ink sets are the standard. They are the back- bone of sublimation printing and the only configurations available for desktop sub- limation printers (those with maximum media sizes of 8 1/2 by 14 inches and 13 by 19 inches). CMYK is just right for many applications, including photo plaques, apparel, mugs, promotional products, mobile devices, and other popular subli- mated products. With the right printer and software, you can deliver dazzling colors and photo quality with these inks. There are also eight-color printers and ink combinations that deliver more colors than are possible to achieve with CMYK, BY ROBIN KAVANAGH ALL IMAGES COURTESY ROBIN KAVANAGH Depending on the color you need to match, you may be able to use a CMYK ink set or you may need to look for an eight-color ink set. An example of CMYK versus CMYKOB.

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