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32 THE SUBLIMATION REPORT • Spring 2017 • into what printers can accommodate spe- cialty eight-color ink sets. Whichever you choose, you'll want to ensure you're using the highest quality inks for the money you spend. Otherwise, in the long run, you may find you're losing much more than you save. Robin Kavanagh is the Public Relations Manager for Sawgrass, the global leader in delivering dye- sublimation and digital printing solutions that make personalization possible and empower cre- ative entrepreneurs to get customized products to market in record time. COST CONCERNS Many people are concerned about the cost of ink and how it affects their bottom line. Of course, everyone wants to keep costs as low as possible. When it comes to sublima- tion, however, the cost of the ink accounts for very little of your overall production. What's more, trying to save on ink can cost more in the long run. Let's look at an example of printing a transfer for an 8-by-10-inch plaque with an SG800 printer, which is less than a penny per square inch. Based on these numbers, ink costs account for 5 percent of your production costs. The majority of your expenses are from the cost of the substrate and overhead. Even if you did not have to pay for ink, your increased profit would only be about $.50. It makes more sense to look at where you can make your production process faster and more efficient, or where you can save on shipping or substrate costs, than to look to save on ink prices. Using lower quality inks, too, can slow down production and leave you with wasted prints, costly repairs to your printer, and a lot of frustration. IN THE END… The best advice for anyone trying to figure out what type of ink to use is to really look at what you're trying to achieve with your sublimated prints. If your customers are looking for products that look great, but don't need color matching, fluorescents or artist-quality detail, then CMYK inks are a good option. If you're looking to create specific products for specific applications with specific needs, then it makes sense to look deeper TO ADVERTISE CONTACT DIANE GILBERT AT 800-669-0424, EXT. 297 DGILBERT@NBM.COM DISPLAY ADVERTISING The Marketplace Job Time Artwork: 10 mins Production: 2 mins Total: 12 minutes Overhead $2.16 (Based on total $26/hour) Ink Cost $.50 Substrate $7.50 Total Cost $10.16 Margin ($30.00 Retail) $19.48 Fluorescent colors add excitement and visibility to tons of products, from shirts, hats and mugs to banners, plaques and signage. SR 888.717.4 4 66 • DESIGNS TRANSFERRED EFFORTLESSLY. SINGLEPRINT ™ HEAT TRANSFER PAPER. No Pre-Treatment Required. Ever.

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