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2 0 1 7 A P R I L P R I N T W E A R || 75 to this scenario. Even though there may not be any unwanted drops, too much pressure can also cause the system to ap- pear clogged or nozzles to drop out. The result is a banded print where the color is not correct. If your ink source is too low, then more force is being pulled backwards and won't allow the ink to flow into the dampers properly. This would cause what is known as ink starvation. The effect is similar to blocked nozzles when your source is too high, but looking at the bottom of the head should show a clean surface. If this is the case, then, chances are, as the nozzles drop out and the head fires ink, it could dry out your nozzles and lead to head clogs that can be difficult or time consuming to work out. Each manufacturer or distribu- tor may have a different method to recov- ering nozzles and it's suggested to contact them in these cases. Now that we know the cause and effect of the ink source positioning, depending on which direction you need to move the source's position, it's good to work in small increments. If there is dripping, move the ink source down about 1/4" and try again. Continue to do this until the dripping or buildup on the head's surface disappears. Of course, the same goes for dropped or clogged nozzles from the ink source being too low. If your system has an ink source where the height cannot be changed, but you have an open cartridge, it would be good to invest in closed or sealed ink car- tridges. INK LINES Some printers at the early inception of D2 technology, and even today, use a paper printer as its skeleton and is then modified to print on apparel. Because the printers are modified, there can be issues with ink cir- culation and hoses. This is one reason for recommended daily nozzle checks because if a channel drops out, then that color isn't printing. This drop out can be related to a Images for illustrative purposes only. LIMITED TIME OFFER: Purchase a Brother GT-361 DTG printer and get a free heat press plus a one-year subscription for stock artwork to Great Dane Graphics. FOR DETAILS ON OUR CURRENT PROMOTION, VISIT FOR DETAILS ON OUR CURRENT PROMOTION, VISIT *Taxes and document fees are additional. Offer valid 4/01/17 thru 6/30/17. Void where prohibited. Prices may vary. See limited warranty for details. Visit or contact your Brother Sales Representative for information. Brother International Corporation reserves the right to revoke any stated offer. Great Dane Graphics is an independent company and Brother International Corporation makes no representations or warranties regarding such product or service. ©2017 Brother International Corporation. All rights reserved. Brother Industries, Ltd., Nagoya, Japan. $ 14,995.00 *

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