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20 || P R I N T W E A R A P R I L 2 0 1 7 FROM SOFTWARE TO SUBSTRATE The finished product was printed with a pre-iron, white printer, flash, heated roller, gray, black, brown, and highlight white. Above: Colors were minimal to help keep costs down. We modified the white printer and highlight white and bumped up the colors. Unnecessary channels were deleted and a brown using the red channel was built. Right: The original "Peace. Love. Chocolate" logo was simple and printed fine. It was when we got to the left- chest design that we realized there were problems. was no mistake on our end; someone had taken out and changed areas. The art was so messed up that we had to get the original file from our artist friend and start from scratch. Changing up seps when a printer loses a cli- ent probably happens all the time, but we've never had it personally happen. It kind of hurts our feelings. After all, aren't we brothers in arms? It's on us, though. We broke some of our own rules when we should have known better. Once everything was in place and the cus- tomer gave us the original file, we could start over. Upon examination, and looking at the gradients of the image, we would have to iso- All screens were printed on retensionable frames with N205 tpi, with the exception of the white printer which was done on an N166, and all at 45 N/cm2.

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