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2 0 1 7 A P R I L P R I N T W E A R || 23 him and his business front and center in the minds of his com- munity members. He has certainly created a memorable personal brand that tells his story without him having to say a word, and it is quite effective for his business. DRESS FOR THE JOB We work with a great deal of casual apparel in this industry. But, that does not mean we should go around looking poorly dressed in baggy sweats and tired T-shirts. Admittedly, it is very tempting to put on our favorite comfortable clothes when we are working alone or don't expect to meet with customers. However, how we dress influences our mindset. For instance, when we are dressed like it is a Saturday afternoon at home, it can be tough to get into a work mindset on a Monday morning and knock out a full day's worth of work. When you prepare to meet with a cus- tomer, give some thought to the envi- ronment in which you will be meeting. If you are entering a traditional suit and tie environment, showing up in an em- broidered T-shirt is not going to put you in the best light. Instead, wear a logoed or monogrammed dress shirt. If you are calling on a school to meet with their athletic director, a performance golf shirt with your logo helps present your brand message while showcasing a product of interest. Know your audience and the setting; dress appropriately to create an impression that supports your role as their branding partner. Style is personal. We are in the business of helping our customers look good and accomplish their objectives using embroi- dered and decorated apparel and prod- ucts. We cannot afford to be like the cob- bler's children with worn shoes. We need to step up our game and lead by example with what we wear ourselves. You can be a walking testimonial that your custom- ers and potential customers see every time you are out and about in your community. We have the unique advantage of putting our best work out in the community every time we leave the house or our business. Maximize this advantage! Match your style to the environments you anticipate being in. A polo is great for business casual appointments or those associated with athlet- ics. (Image courtesy Adriane Cropley, Rocking My Sewjo)

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